Happy Opening Day

Opening Day 01.JPG

Welcome to Nationals Park. We have ridiculously beautiful weather, which is nice considering it’s only April 5.


Your Phillies lineup:

1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
2. Placido Polanco, P
3. Chase Utley, 2B
4. Ryan Howard, 1B
5. Jayson Werth, RF
6. Raul Ibanez, LF
7. Shane Victorino, CF
8. Carlos Ruiz, C
9. Roy Halladay, P


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I didn’t know Placido Polanco could pitch.

Play ball!!! So much anticipation! Looking forward to a great season with you, Zo!

Halladay was as advertised. Probably angry that he walked two.

Love it! Great way to start the season on a beautiful day for baseball. Love that Cholly took Halladay out after 7 too, it’s a long season!

Okay, we all knew that Polanco would be a great addition hitting out of 2nd spot in the libne-up, but SIX RBIs ?!!! The Doc was as advertised. I thought one of the most impressive stats was Jimmy’s TWO walks. I didn’t expect him to get his second walk until May. He’s finally getting it, what it takes to be a great leadoff hitter (.667 OBP).

11-1? Pretty sweet!! Nothing new for Philly. They have a great team, and with Halladay and Polanco on the team, I think that they may win it all this year.

erichh: The Nats pitchers walked a lot of guys today. Let’s not get too carried away with Jimmy’s walks.

My first time at Nationals Park today. It’s a nice place. Nothing special, but neither is the ballclub!
That press level is ridiculous! How do you guys see the game from that high up?

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