Phils Look Impressive in the Opener

halladay 0405 2010.jpg

It’s just one game, but …

  • Roy Halladay is really, really good.
  • Placido Polanco looks like a nice addition to the lineup.
  • The Phillies offense could be scary this season.
  • There might have been more Nats fans than Phillies fans at Nationals Park, but Phillies fans made sure people knew they were there. They were loud.
  • President Barack Obama is a better basketball player than a baseball player.

What impressed you about the opener?


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Obviously impressed with Roy. Once he settled in it was over.
I like how they were patient at the plate and made the pitchers throw a lot of pitches. Got good looks and only struck out four times. Howard’s two hits were against lefties.

Roy Halladay pitched a very solid game, but I think we were all kind of expecting that. What really impressed me yesterday was the offense! I know when J-Roll had the first hit to lead off the game things were looking good. His triple, Ryan’s monster shot, Polanco’s grand slam (!), it was all good. GO PHIGHTINS!!

Halladay proved my “Ace Rule” that if you don’t get to a guy in the first inning, he settles in and you’re done for the day. The Nats had a shot to score more than 1 run, but couldn’t get it done.
I was impressed with the numbers of Phillies fans in attendance. It was that perfect storm of an opener away from home but close enough to day-trip and a team that doesn’t sell-out its own games.

The Nationals ballpark experience is a little like going to a minor league game. There is constant on-field entertainment between innings – shooting things from air guns, giant-headed mascots running around, giveaways … Maybe if they won and drew more fans they wouldn’t have to try to keep people interested in staying?

It’s a decent ballpark, but nothing special. It’s very difficult to drive to and from. D.C. traffic is a nightmare. Next time I’m taking the METRO.

Ryan hit a curve ball for a HR.

Well, so far batting Polanco 2nd seems to be a smart move. Anyone still crying over Lee? Our favorite Korean has an ERA of 27.00 after his debut with the Yuckees, and our young bullpen managed to keep the Nats off the board, if not the bases. Great opening day. Anyone see the great play in the WSox game against Marson? He was the starting catcher and was robbed of a hit.

I happen to have off yesterday and got to watch the game firsthand. Halladay was as advertised. I think it was good to see him give up the run in the first couple of innings and then settle down as the game went on. Good to see Charlie pull him in the 7th. Bastardo at times seems like a diamond in the rough. Herndon continued show why he should remain in the pen. Great to have Polanco back!

FIJ: Saw highlights of the Yankees game on MLB and Chan Ho getting lit up. Also Lee is starting the season on the DL. RAJ looking a bit clairvoyent so far??! (Naturally its only day 1 w/161 more games to go!)

I am going to guess that karen62 is a teacher at a Catholic school (off on Easter Monday?).
There was some great action yesterday. Pujols is still ridiculous, Heyward goes yard in his first MLB at-bat, and Doc Halladay is going to be in a season long race for the Cy Young with Lincecum and Santana. Howard gets two hits against lefties, JRoll starts the season with a great OBP, and our new aquistion at 3B is going to get 972 RBI’s.

Phan52: Good guess! Actually I do work for a school district (public), but had off because my son had oral surgery (tooth extraction….YUKE! He’s fine today and back at school as am I)

I’ve had off the past week for Passover. See, living in Israel does have advantages, but getting live baseball isn’t one of them…. I somehow managed, though, to get both Roy and Lee on my fantasy team. Guess I have the dream team. Looking forward to the Phillies going 162-0

FIJ: Polanco has batted second in 1,032 games in his career (nearly 80% of his 6,023 plate appearances) and is a .304 hitter from that spot, so I don’t know where the “smart move” part comes in. It’s like it was the only move. He even makes productive outs.

karen: I think it’s Lee’s third time on the DL with that same abdominal injury.

Mule: in case you forgot, Victorino batter 2nd last year (and did a pretty good job). There were those who thopught dropping him to 7 and putting Polanco after JRoll was a mistake –I think they were the same people who complained about then Lee trade…..and not signing Park. Notice the three moves I mentioned in the original post??

I was impressed than Howard did not strike out and had some good hacks.

Also impressed than muleman seems to be in midseason condescending form on opening day!

FIJ: Yes, GOSH maybe I did forget who hit second LAST YEAR. Let me tell you about who hit second in 1964…
Victorino is a good player, but generally an idiot baseball-wise, who doesn’t understand situational hitting the way a guy like Polanco does IN HIS SLEEP. Hitting Polanco second wasn’t even an issue once they signed him.
You never read here that hitting Victorino 7th was a mistake. Polanco is a superior #2 hitter – period. The Lee trade and not signing Park had nothing to do with signing Polanco.

Welcome back.

Screw you, bolenback.

Mule: Not to belittle your need to pick an argument, but I wasn’t saying Poly shouldn’t hit 2nd. The only change I would make in the lineup is to bat Victorino leadoff and Rollins 6th with Raul 7th, giving a fast top (with a better OBP) and having Rollins bat before Raul giving power and speed in bottom half. As for Lee etc, not saying any connection other then they were the moves made off season. BTW, who did bat 2nd in ’64?

FIJ: That’s exactly what Victorino provides in the 7th spot. I think Rollins is going to have a much better season than last and has made it clear he wants to hit lead-off. Plus I wouldn’t be surprises if depending on who’s pitching he and Ibanez possibly flip spots.

Tonight’s game is a bit more nerve racking since we don’t know which Cole Hamels will show up. I’m hoping some version of the 2008 pitcher.

ha ha. well put muleman. very clever response.

What impressed me most was the amplitude of the Phillies fans, especially in Right Field. While waiting in security line😦 I could hear the Lets go Phillies chants from outside the ballpark. Oh, and Doc and Polly and Ryno and the first Opening Day win in several years.

Karen, While I agree that Vic has those qualities as well, I think Rollins has more power and vic is more of a natural leadoff hitter (see OBP) then JRoll. In any case, it’s fun to be discussing this, instead of something serriously wrong with the team. Even the Pen came thru on opening day!

Hoping that the ’08 version of Cole shows up and not the ’09 one

Polanco is a made-to-order #2 hitter because he makes contact and understands situational hitting. And JRoll is the leadoff hitter. If it ain’t broke……Here is a list of Phillies batting orders in 1964. Surprisingly, Richie Allen hit second more than anybody, but there was no set player who did it.

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