Hamels Struggles with Command

hamels 0407 2010.jpgSo what to make of Cole Hamels‘ season debut?

Far from perfect, but far from troubling.

He allowed five hits and two earned runs in five innings. He struck out five, but walked four. He threw 103 pitches, just 63 for strikes.

He simply couldn’t throw much of anything for strikes.

Hamels walked four or more batters four times during his rookie season in 2006, including his first two starts in Cincinnati and Milwaukee. He walked four or more batters just three times from 2007-09. So Hamels’ command issues are not typical.

Assuming he improves his command in his next start — the Phillies’ home opener Monday against the Nationals — one would expect improvement.


Looking forward to seeing what Kyle Kendrick can do this evening.


Nelson Figueroa is expected to join the team today. He took a redeye from Arizona to DC. 


Today’s pollen count in DC: CRIPPLING.


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter. His Phillies book “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” is available online, and at Delaware Valley bookstores!


to be fair, the home plate ump wasn’t very forgiving with his strike zone. PitchF/X had at least 8 pitches that were in the strike zone called balls.


there’s a good description of what happened. but for the first start of the year i’d call it a positive outing.

Regardless of what Jamie said, He was extremely incosistent in the zone. He wasn’t just missing in any location, he was missing all over. This needs to be fixed because he is the difference between 08 and 09.

If the last two games are any indication, our suspect bullpen is going to be shot by June.
And here we go again with the pathetic hitting with RISP. 1-14 yesterday.

“Assuming he improves his command in his next start…, one would expect improvement.”

Are we serious?? This from a professional journalist?? Genius insight.. glad we don’t pay money for this

kevin, Todd’s use of “improvement” refers to Cole’s “overall” improvement as a pitcher, whereas the phrase “improves his command” refers only to his ability to hit his locations.

Erich, you’re wrong. Read the sentence again. His use of the word improvement at the end of the sentence refers to Cole’s number of walks. “Improves his command” refers to just that: Todd is saying that assuming Cole improves his command in his next start, his walk stats will improve. Wait.. so you’re telling me if he doesn’t improve his command in his next start, his walk stats WON’T improve?? Wow, what insight!!

You both are geniuses.

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