Howdy from Houston

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Random thoughts from Houston … 

  • Jimmy Rollins said he meant no disrespect to the Phillies when he said the Yankees never would have traded Cliff Lee like the Phillies did. He said he meant it to compliment the Yankees, and say it would have big had the Phillies beaten them in the World Series because they are the only team that can spend with impunity. Either way, it’s much ado about nothing. Ruben Amaro Jr. had no comment when asked about it yesterday, but kiddingly gave Rollins a hard time in the clubhouse before the game.
  • Raul Ibanez hit a ball hard in the first inning, a double to score to runs. Could be a good sign. Ibanez has been struggling.
  • Shane Victorino entered tonight’s game hitting just .154 (2 for 13) with two RBIs. So he took some time going through the team’s bat bags before BP, looking for a teammate’s bat he could use in the game. Matt Stairs said last season that Victorino is a habitual bat borrower, so it’s not too unusual to see him doing that. But it shows players will try anything to get out of a funk.
  • Happy Birthday to Chris Wheeler … except it isn’t his birthday. But Phillies broadcasters are behaving like it is, giving him a cake and a card and everything. Wheeler accidentally wrote in his book that his birthday is April 9. It’s actually August 9. As somebody who writes thousands upon thousands upon thousands of words a year, I feel his pain.
  • Had the worst allergy attack of my life in DC. You know it’s bad when players come up to you and think you’re dying. Thankfully, the pollen count isn’t crippling me in Houston.
  • The Astros play “Deep In the Heart of Texas” during the seventh-inning stretch. Always reminds me of the scene in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.


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Nice blerb Todd. I was wondering why had a pic of Wheels being presented with that birthday cake!

I wonder what EXACTLY Ruben said to Jimmy before game-time.

Shame on the fairweather fans who were calling for Raul to be traded or replaced- before the first week of the season was over. Have some faith in these guys already.

Oh tell us if you got any cake or chicken, Zo.🙂

Looks like a better view than that sky deck in Washington.

lunastrixae: I didn’t hear anybody call for Ibanez to be traded.

referring to the allergies: If you never had allergies before move to DC and you will get them. Lived in Delco all my life and no problems, moved to DC a couple years ago, killed me ever since.

Read around Muleman, people suggested Raul would be good to let go to get money for Werth’s contract next year. Or, at least replace him in the lineup with Brown.

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