Hot, Hot, Hot

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A few things from last night’s 8-0 victory over the Astros:

  • Asked what Ted Williams might have said about the top four hitters in the Phillies’ lineup hitting .400 or better four games into the season, Charlie Manuel replied, “I think Ted would say, ‘Hey, wait until we play 162. Let’s see if they can hit .407.’ I think that’s what he would say. He’d probably say, ‘Hey, Bush, I was the last guy to do that.'”
  • The Phillies have 10 or more hits in their first four games for the first time since 1926, when they had 10 or more hits in their first five games.
  • They have 10 or more his in five consecutive games, dating to their final game last season, for the first time since Sept. 13-17, 2005.
  • J.A. Happ threw five scoreless innings. He is 9-2 with a 1.77 ERA on the road.
  • Jimmy Rollins (.467), Placido Polanco (.579), Chase Utley (.438) and Ryan Howard (.400) are hitting a combined .471 (33 for 70) with 10 doubles, one triple, four homers, 21 RBIs, 12 walks and 21 runs scored.
  • Raul Ibanez, who entered the game hitting just .091 (1 for 11), went 3 for 4 with two doubles and three RBIs. He even hit the ball hard during his sixth inning at-bat when he hit into a double play. “He was relaxed,” Manuel said. “He was very relaxed. He was taking some deep breaths and really concentrating on what he was doing. When Raul is not hitting, believe me, he tries hard and he’s his own worst enemy. He wants to (hit) so much. That’s the kind of guy he is. But that’s what drives him, too.”
  • Carlos Lee is impressed: “That lineup, one through nine, it’s guys that can be All-Stars at every position. They probably could have their own All-Star team play against the American League. They’re really good hitters.”
  • Manuel is told that they haven’t faced any Bob Fellers. He replied, “There’s not too many Bob Fellers anymore.” True.


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Jimmy has 6 walks. It took Rollins until May 12, 2009 to get his 5th walk. He only had 12 through the month of May. He’s so much better with Polanco hitting behind him than he was with Victorino.

6th walk. He got his 6th walk on May 12 last year.

Halladay is as advertised, bu Polanco is better than advertised. He makes the players in the lineup around him better and he made a couple of stellar plays at 3B last night.
Herndon’s sinker is a nasty pitch, meant to induce a ground ball or a strikeout. How did the Angels just let him go like that? That said, the bullpen is pitching way too many innings already. Hurry back, Blanton!!

This has been fun to watch so far. I know everyone says that it’s not like they’ve been facing murders row and the pitching they’ve been facing is slightly better than batting practice. However, just look at it with the following perspectives. You can only play who you play that night. And this team is doing what good teams do which is win the games they’re supposed to win. So enjoy the fact that they’re not just winning them, they’re demoralizing the opponents.

Somebody explain to me how Polanco’s BA is .579, and his OBP is .571.

I just checked more of Polanco’s stats and he has a SF which does not effect his BA, but counts against his OBP. He has n0 walks.

Can we please be done with Jaime moyer? He’s an awesome human being, but I am so tired of watching him pitch.

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