Where in the World Is Jimmy Rollins? And Werth?

rollins 1019.jpgJimmy Rollins
was a very late scratch from this afternoon’s home opener at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies announced that Rollins strained his right calf while working out in the outfield before the game.

Juan Castro took Rollins’ place at shortstop, but what threw everybody through a loop is that Rollins participated in BP, warmed up on the field and got introduced during pregame introductions.

Then suddenly everybody noticed Castro warming up a shortstop before the top of the first inning.

This is the first time Castro has played this season.


So what do we know about calf strains? We know Greg Dobbs suffered one throughout 2009. It eventually put him on the DL from Aug. 23 – Sept. 16, but he said it never truly got better until the offseason.

Shane Victorino spent time on the DL twice with calf strains: July 31 – Aug. 21, 2007, and April 13 – 28, 2008.


Jayson Werth left the game before the sixth inning because of soreness in his left hip. It is unknown how severe the injury is. Ben Francisco took his place in right field.


And what happens tomorrow? Rollins is scheduled to participate in a contest to set the Guiness World Record for longest batted ball.


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gosh.. im really hoping that this isnt the start of whole injury mass that mutts had to go through.. i mean 2 regulars out on 1 day?! come on! i just hope they are fine ..

so is injured hip a big issue? i m not sure if im right but didnt utley have injury on his hip? i mean he still played through it but werth.. hmm.. anyone knows well about this?

Well, it’s actually “day 7” but why quibble? If an injury wasn’t a “big deal” would he have come out of the game?
oooh … that probably sounds condescending. Sorry.

Muleman – who are you downtalking now?
There hasn’t yet been a remotely disagreeable comment posted for this article.

nowhere: Just trying to straighten out the “facts” of the first comment. Day one? Really? C’mon, even you aren’t going to miss that one, are you?
Forgive me for trying to work in a fact or two.

Suddenly, facts are “downtalking.” Interesting.

I’m guessing the strained calf won’t stop J-Roll hitting some modified balls with a modified bat to promote the guiness book of records, while trying to set a new record…

Good luck with the book signing Todd…

Phillies Outside

You misread muleman, it says “on 1 day” not “on day 1”. If you’re going be an *** and nitpick every post you should at least get it right.


Good thought but I would actually suggest that muleman get it right while attempting NOT to be an *** and NOT nitpicking every comment. Maybe then he would be less despised on this blog.

Muleman: I think you misread the first comment. It stated that there were two injuries in ONE day NOT that this was the first game of the season. Easy thing to do sometimesđŸ™‚

Glad to hear Werth doesn’t need a MRI. Also I think it was smart that J-Roll didn’t try and play through the pain. Its certainly early enough that the can take time to heal. Nice to see Castro have a good day!

I hope Werth doesn’t have the same injury that Chase Utley had. If Werth will be out for a time, I would love to see Domonic Brown take his place in right field. Other teams don’t seem to have a problem slotting a young player in the lineup (see Braves). Charlie just isn’t comfortable with the yonger players. As for Rollins injury, I guess this means that Charlie will have to tweak his lineup (perhaps Victorino leading off) where I believe he is a better hitter at the top of the lineup as opposed to the 7th spot.

I think Werth will be fine. But if he’s not, don’t expect to see Domonic Brown. He is in AA for a reason. The guy who would replace Werth is John Mayberry Jr, who impressed the Phillies this spring and is on fire at Lehigh Valley. He is much more ready for MLB than Brown.

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