Pedro? Chill has a report that the Phillies are negotiating a midsummer return for Pedro Martinez.

Relax, everybody.

I’ve been told the Phillies aren’t actively negotiating a contract, and that nothing has changed since Ruben Amaro Jr. said March 31 that they continue to talk with Martinez’s people, but that nothing is imminent. If a need arises and the Phillies think Martinez can help, they will move on it. But they don’t feel there’s a rush to make it happen. In other words, they’re keeping in contact with Martinez. They’re seeing how he is doing in the Dominican. They’re making sure they’re as informed as possible so if something does happen they’re not starting from scratch.


Jimmy Rollins‘ MRI is later today. We hope to learn those results today, but we might not until tomorrow. Either way, a MRI following a calf strain indicates something serious.


I will be signing copies of my Phillies book “The Good, The Bad, & The Uglyfrom 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Borders on S. Broad Street in Center City. (Thanks to WIP’s Angelo Cataldi and The Morning Team for giving the signing a plug.) I hope you can stop by. The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter.


They would have to have their first serious injury at a middle infield position, where they have absolutely no depth. At least we won’t have to watch Bruntlett. Castro is a pro and Wilson Valdez can hit a little bit.

I hope we don’t need Pedro, but its good to know there’s a Plan “B” in the works in case we do. Plus he’s a hoot to have around.

Funny that should come up. I was at the game yesterday, and when Cole started getting into trouble (again), my son said….”Bring back Pedro!”

Speaking of the Home Opener…..I’ve become pretty good *casual* friends with Michael Barkann, of Comcast SportsNet. They were broadcasting live, from the ballpark, yesterday. I stopped by the booth, and waved hello through the window. He waved back, then had one of the crew let me and my son in. We got to watch some rehearsal, and then the beginning of the pre-game show, with Michael and Ricky Bo. Very cool!

Please, no more Pedro drama.

Drama! Me encanta el drama!

Creo que Pedro encajaría bien con el equipo. Demostró la temporada pasada que él puede lanzar 5 entradas para dos meses antes de desgaste. Él debe ser bueno hasta que se necesita más.

uno dia mulohombre

Una amenaza en español? Cualquier día, amigo.

Frio, zach.

no es una amenaza, es un chiste de la conversacion anterior… pero al parecer, su cerebro es demasiado pequeno para recordar.

Cerebro disminuyendo. Demasiado muchos juegos de los Nacionales.

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