Rollins Lands on DL

Thumbnail image for rollins 0614.jpgThe Phillies have announced that Jimmy Rollins has been placed on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right calf.

They said Tuesday’s MRI revealed a Grade 1/2 strain. Rollins injured his calf during pregame warmups Monday at Citizens Bank Park.

“We believe it to be a mild to moderate strain and we’re hopeful it will be a two-to-four week recovery,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement. “As in all of our injuries, precautions will be taken so that Jimmy is 100 percent when he returns to the field.”

The Phillies selected infielder Wilson Valdez‘s contract from Triple-A Lehigh Valley to take Rollins’ place on the 25-man roster.

Rollins is eligible to be activated as early as April 28 in San Francisco.

“Rollins, evidently he’s got like what they call a between a 2 and 1 degree calf, kinda, tear,” Manuel said earlier to Jim Duquette and Kevin Kennedy on Sirius XM’s MLB Home Plate. “And he’s gonna miss some time. … I mean, he’s definitely going to be out some time. How much, I don’t know yet, but he’s hurt pretty bad.”

Losing Rollins is a blow to the Phillies’ offense, but not a crippling one. Rollins did not start a game from April 9 to May 8, 2008, because of a sprained left ankle, and the Phillies went 16-12, scoring 4.9 runs per game. They averaged 4.9 runs per game with Rollins healthy in the other 134 games.

Ryan Howard missed 13 games in 2007 because of a strained left quad. The Phillies went 8-5, scoring 5.1 runs per game. They scored 5.5 runs per game with Howard healthy in the other 149 games.

Chase Utley missed 28 games in 2007 because of a fractured right wrist. The Phillies went 15-13, averaging 5.4 runs per game. They scored 5.5 runs per game with Utley healthy in the other 134 games.

The Phillies have enough offensive firepower to compensate for a short stretch without Rollins in the lineup. I’d expect Shane Victorino to be the new leadoff hitter, Carlos Ruiz to hit seventh and Juan Castro to hit eighth.

Don’t expect Castro to put up Rollins numbers. Eric Bruntlett took Rollins’ spot for the month in 2008, hitting .245 with a .304 OBP and .349 SLG. The Phillies would be more than happy if Castro provided that type of production. They need him to catch the ball. If he hits, it’s almost a bonus.


No word if Jayson Werth is in the lineup tonight, but he said he’s fine. He required no MRI.


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Certainly not good news, yet not unexpected. The only consulation might be that it’s April and not later in the season.

Valdez has been on fire for Lehigh Valley but doesn’t have any options left. Would it be a better deal to send Bocock up instead, as he is on the 40 man roster?

Crap. He was on such a roll too. I guess Vic goes back up to the #1 slot. I hope the Phils can keep rolling without him.

Read reclinergm that Rollins will be out 3 to 6 weeks and also indicated that a muscle tear is involved not a strain.

If Shane keeps playing like he did tonight, I guess we can spare JRoll for a little while. Might as well make sure he is 100% before he comes back. Werth pinch hit and scored a run, so he appears to be OK.

The bullpen was awesome again. Too many innings again, but they are really stepping up big time.

guess the Kendrick experement is over. He was great in ST, but doesn’t seem able to cut in during the season. When Blanton is back he’s either in the Pen or gone…too bad, I was rooting for him to make it this time

Don’t know why the Kendrick “experiment” would be over.

FIJ, Kendrick definitely has issues, but pulling the plug on him may be premature. The scary part of his problem is that he’s getting lit up in the first inning, which is the inning he would be pitching from the pen. If he were lights out in the first 2-3 innings of a game and got lit up after that, I wouldn’t worry about him transitioning back to the pen, but as it stands……….

erich1, when I woke up this morning, the Phillies were in 1st place and I know when I wake up tomorrow morning this will not have changed. Life gets no better than this. If any team can afford to allow Kendrick to work out the kinks, it’s the Phillies. Read one account which concludes that Kendrick, and Hamels for that matter, are putting too much emphasis on their new pitch, the cutter, which in both cases is detracting from their better pitches, I believe in Kendrick’s case his slider and in Hamels’ case his curve ball.

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