Blanton, Romero, Lidge and More

book.jpgWanted to pass along a note that I’ll be signing copies of my Phillies book “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the Borders on South Broad Street in Center City.

Hope you can stop by.


It is ranining at Citizens Bank Park, but the Phillies expect baseball to be played.


Joe Blanton threw 26 pitches in a bullpen session. He will throw again Sunday before making his first rehab start, most likely Tuesday with Single-A Lakewood.


J.C. Romero will make a rehab appearance tonigh with Triple-A Lehigh Valley.


Brad Lidge will make a rehab appearance tomorrow with Single-A Clearwater.


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter. His Phillies book “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” is available online, and at Delaware Valley bookstores!


Happy re-hab day everyone

Muleman, is everyone else discussing the Phils on Twitter or Facebook? Last year there used to be 15-20 comments under every blog entry on this site, but recently the number has dwindled. I noticed that there are still phans who don’t appreciate your posts. I happen to enjot the variety you bring to these boards. See you around.

I wanted to ask how many of you guys think that Nelson Figueroa should get a chance to start the next time Kyles turn in the rotation comes up? I think he has earned it. He has been everything that the Mets fans have said he was. Most of them are still crying about him being on the Phils now.

I just got back from reading an article by Paul Hagen on . It was about a conversation he had with a scout. The scout mentioned that it is possible that the slider and cutter are the reasons for Kyle and Cole struggling on the mound. The article also quoted Jim Kaat as saying he learned that pitchers couldn’t have great curveballs AND sliders, that it’s either one or the other. Kaat feels that Hamels has an excellent curve and shouldn’t give up on it in favor of a cutter or slider.
I wonder if Coles secondary pitch (his new cutter) hasn’t ruined his primary pitches (fastball and change up). No one’s hitting his cutter, but his fastball and changeup are getting shelled.

Erichh1: I’ve noticed the same thing about the # of folks commenting on this blog. Since I can’t access FB @ work and I don’t Twitter, I’m still a regular commentor here at the Zo Zone. Of course its still early in the season.

Herndon tough, tough night! Yikes almost blew a 6 run lead. Thank goodness Mad Dog came in to save the day! Another spectacular outting by the good Doctor.

Herndon really didn’t pitch badly. They only hit one ball hard and the rest of the hits were infield bleeders that they cound’t get to because of the wet conditions. He pretty much handcuffed them with the sinker.
Romero had a real nice outing at Lehigh Valley.

Yeah, I felt bad for Herndon. I think he has great stuff but was a victim of the conditions tonight. Except for the one double off the wall, all of the other hits strung together wouldn’t have even made one good hit. Again, I think he’s got great stuff and I’m sure Dubes and Cholly reminded him of that. Throws a heavy ball and induces grounders, just like another great pitcher on this staff…

erichh: I don’t get too many Phils comments on Twitter. I follow John Gonzalez, and his comments are usually oddly off-center. The discussions should heat up along with the pennant race.

I know I’m not universally accepted around here, but then, great thinking is usually not appreciated in its lifetime!đŸ™‚

I am sure many of those squibs hit against Herdon would not have died so fast under dryer conditions. Nevertheless, they didn’t help his line too much. It’s not like the case where a pitcher goes four good innings, gets bombed in the fifth and it is exclaimed “He only had one bad inning”.

muleman Great thinking is not usually appreciated in its lifetime…………Great thinking is not usually appreciated in its lifetime………I know I have heard that before……….Now, where was it? Yes, I got it……….George W. Bush.

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