Lidge, Blanton and Romero Updates

Here is a quick update on Brad Lidge, Joe Blanton and J.C. Romero:

  • Lidge will make a rehab appearance Thursday for Triple-A Lehigh Valley.
  • Blanton pitches tonight with Single-A Lakewood.
  • Romero also pitches for Lakewood, his first back-to-back outing.

Romero is further along than Lidge and Blanton. But I think the Phillies are hoping the three of them will be back following the team’s nine-game road trip.


I’m happy to hear Lidge, Romero and Blanton’s rehab is moving in the right direction. Miss you guys. oxox

Todd, thanks for not getting any quotes from Lidge about his rehab, since most of us don’t believe anything he says. I wonder if he knows that most Phans think he’s a habitual liar. I know it shouldn’t mesh with his Christian values.

What about Jimmy? When does it look like he’ll be back One/Two/ Three weeks? And has Jason fully recovered from that hip injury?

erichh: Don’t confuse Lidge’s statements for lies when they’re just confidence builders for himself. What do you think he’s supposed to say? “I feel lousy.”? He’s going to try to build himself up for his next appearance. It has nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with his nature as a competitive athlete.

So much of Darryl Durr issues, and let focus more on our team players. Well I?m too happy to know that Lidge will make a rehab appearance, and Blanton as well as Romero is back on the track. I just hope for our dear PHILLIES the best and lucks. Thanks Todd for the updates. LOL

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