Phillies Sign Howard to Five-Year, $125 Million Extension

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The Phillies took an enormous step today to try to ensure they have power in their lineup through 2016.

They announced they had signed Ryan Howard to the largest contract in franchise history. It is a five-year, $125 million contract extension, which keeps him in Phillies pinstripes through 2016. The contract also includes a sixth-year club option for 2017 that could raise the value of the deal to $138 million.

Howard, 30, currently is in the middle of a three-year, $54 million contract extension, which he signed in 2009. He will make $19 million this season and $20 million in 2011. The latest extension begins in 2012. He will make $20 million in 2012 and 2013 and $25 million from 2014-16. The option in 2017 is worth $23 million with a $10 million buyout.

The deal includes awards bonuses and a limited no-trade provision.


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Cool beans! I guess this means hasta la vista to Werth?!?

No wonder we couldn’t keep Lee! LOL!

For you long time Zo Zoners….did anyone besides me think of former blogger TRUTH and his rants about the Phillies disrespecting Howard and how they were so cheap? Brings a tear to one’s eye, doesn’t it? LOL!
If this is a precursor to keeping Werth or the flexibility to afford and find a legitimate #2 starter, well done Mr. Amaro. Your reign as the best GM in Philly continues.

One thing I do like about this is we are committing to a player who is committed to getting better. Howard’s defense is much improved the last two years because he worked hard at it. Also, he realized he needed to loose some weight and he did and has kept it off. I just hope this extension won’t make him think he can stop trying to improve.

I commented on the other article,
Call me crazy but signing Howard gives them the option to sign Werth to a 7year back ended contract.

stuey, Werth is 30. A 7 year back ended contract means paying a 36-37 year old up to 20 million a year. THink of Ibanez and decide if you really want to commit to that much money to a player at that age who’s game is both Power and speed.

I’m happy with the Howard signing. first basemen can play even at advanced age as they have little ground to cover. This is why so many former outfielders are transformed into 1b man late in their careers. Great move Rube.

I’d love to see Werth, Victorino, Rollins, and Utley recieve the same offer. I guess that’s only what the Yankees would do though…

I’m happy for Ryan but this contract is ridiculously large. Is Ryan the second best (or third best after Pujols signs) player in baseball? Not even close. Is he likely to become a top-three player over the next six years as he heads into his 30’s? No. I love his work ethic and desire to improve, but I wouldn’t bet $125 that his numbers will improve THAT much, let alone $125 million.

I’m glad Ruben signed him and that he, Doc & Chase will be the nucleus at least through 2013. But Ruben overpaid and that will ultimately cost the team.

Just to get everyone’s attention, I’ll say two words: Cliff Lee. Now that everyone is worked up, I’ll say two more: Ryan Howard. The other teams have Ryan’s number at the plate. Until he finds a way to stop the strike-out bleeding and seriously gives up on hitting every ball out of the park, he is a good player, not a great player. Great players get $125 contract extensions; good players do not. Show us you deserve this Ryan. Don’t settle for good. Be great. Make people forget about Mike Schmidt. Your defense is impressive this year, so far. Don’t let this be just another year at the plate. Don’t let future history say that Ryan Howard had one really great year as a batter but then couldn’t beat the shift. Pretty soon the pitchers will walk players just to get to you. My own opinion is that you stand too far away from the plate, but I am just a fan, not a batting coach, player, or a GM who is getting more credit than he deserves.

Finds a way to stop the strike-out bleeding? He’s averaging 5.5 ABs/K so far this year vs. 3.1 for his career. Pretty significant improvement! To put it another way, he’s only on pace for ~110 K’s this year. Clearly he worked on his plate discipline this off-season and so far it’s paying off.

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