When It Rains, Cliff Lee Throws Seven Scoreless

cliff lee mariners.jpgTo add insult to injury for Phillies fans, Cliff Lee threw seven scoreless innings last night in Seattle.

The Phillies have lost 8 of 12, and it has not been pretty.


-The Phillies have hit just .214 with an anemic .595 on-base-plus-slugging percentage in the last 12 games, in which they have averaged just 3.2 runs.
– They have hit just .188 with runners in scoring position.
– They have hit just one home run with a runner on base since April 14.
– Phillies starters have just seven quality starts this season, which ranks second-to-last in baseball behind only the Pittsburgh Pirates, who have four. Roy Halladay, who pitches this afternoon against the Mets, has four of them.
– Phillies starters are 9-6 with a 4.17 ERA, but starters not named Halladay have a combined 5.19 ERA.
– Philadelphia relievers are 3-4 with a 4.70 ERA and five saves in nine opportunities.
– Just when they thought they could assemble their bullpen the way they would like with Brad Lidge rejoining the team, Ryan Madson lands on the DL after kicking a chair and breaking his right big toe Wednesday in San Francisco.
Charlie Manuel is concerned about the lack of hustle he has seen lately. Shane Victorino didn’t run to first base after Rod Barajas dropped a third strike in the fifth inning. Manuel has two rules: Be on time and hustle. And hustle is one thing a team can control when everything else is going poorly.


I’ll be signing copies of my book from 2 – 3 p.m. today on the Main Concourse behind Section 111 at Citizens Bank Park.


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Todd, didn’t you get Muleman’s memo? Anyone who mentions Cliff Lee is a whiner.

Anyone else tires of hearing a few of our starters talk about how satisfied they are with their starts? Hamels & Kendrick get lit up like a christmas tree and say well except for a few pitches, I did good. Then Madson with his 8th grade temper tantrum? Time to call Pedro and get him to start working out.

Todd, didn’t you get Muleman’s memo? Anyone who mentions Cliff Lee is a whiner.

pherris: Once was plenty.

And yes, Cliff Lee does not pitch for the Phillies. Maybe you could update us on Vincente Padilla’s next start or tell us how Eric Bruntlett is doing? Get over it.

Oh, and pherris … you were late picking up my garbage today. Hustle it up a little, OK?

FOr all of you crying over Lee, and the other former phillies, here is what they’ve done this year. Lee’s had 1 start only so I didn’t include him, however he are the stats for the other players from last year currently in the majors. Everyone else is either on the DL and haven’t played (COste) or is in the minors (Brunlett). If I forgot someone, please let me know.

Matt Stairs: 16 ABs, 2H, 3RBI, 6K, .125 ave
Miguel Cairo: 18AB, 1r, 2h, 1rbi, 3k, .111 ave
Lou Marson: 45ab, 5r, 9h, 0rbi, 11k, .200 ave
Brett Myers: 5gs, 1-2, 3.82 era, 23 k, 8bb, 4 HR, 1.485 WHIP
Chan Ho Park: 5.2 ip, 1-1, 4.76 era, 2HR, 1.059 WHIP

Seems as if Rube made some good choices during the off season.

Muleman, it is still your mother’s job to pick up after you. She must be tired after doing it for 40 years or so.

Hey Todd, what is going on with Joe Blanton? I heard a rumor that he got sent to Reading for another rehab start. Is this right? If it is, I guess he’s not going to be activated tomorrow? Thanks :O)


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