Roy Is Good

halladay 0501 2010.jpg

Roy Halladay threw his second shutout and third compelte game of the season yesterday in a 10-0 victory over the Mets.

Halladay is 5-1 with a 1.43 ERA. He leads the majors in wins, shutouts, complete games, innings (49) and strikeout/walk ratio (9.75).  He is fourth in strikeouts (39). He is good. I thought I should let you know.


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter. His Phillies book “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” is available online, and at Delaware Valley bookstores!


thanks Todd, we hadn’t noticed….

Had to look twice, thought headline was Roy is God. Either way works for me…LOL!

As a long-time Doc fan, I can tell you that Doc will often have a tremendous first half of the season — entering the all-star break with around 12 wins. Then, like most pitcher, he seems to struggle a little bit following the all-star game, before righting the ship in the last quarter of the season. I have often thought that one reason for his struggle is that he does not get a break due to being present in the all-star game. That, plus the fact, that he normally leads the majors in complete games. I was hoping that he would have more 7-inning games in the NL so that he would be fresh for post season. I just hope that he paces himself, keeping in mind that he has not gone to post season…

Actually I thought he was tied on wins with Jimenez who’s 5-0 with a 0.79 ERA, Roy’s pitched about 15 innings more but still Roy isn’t the only 5 game winner…

Phillies Outside

burt: As usual, we have to separate what people think they see from what is actually happening.
Halladay’s caree July ERA is the lowest of any month at 2.76. August is 3.27, second lowest month. His WHIP numbers are pretty much in the 1.2 range throughout the year. He is consistently in the 240 to 250 strikeout-per-month range throughout the year, with no huge dip in the second half. His strikeouts per 9 innings numbers are higher in the second half than the first half. He has thrown 7 complete games in August in his career, third highest to April and May. Yeah, it sounds like he really struggles “righting the ship.”

Sorry to confuse the issue with facts. As Whitey used to say, “You could look it up.”

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