Madson to Have Toe Surgery

Ryan Madson‘s big toe has become a big problem.

Madson, who broke his right big toe after he kicked a chair in frustration Wednesday in San Francisco, had a CT scan this morning at the Rothman Institute. Foot and ankle specialist Steven Raikin will insert a pin into Madson’s toe on Tuesday.

The Phillies said they will update Madson’s timetable to return following surgery.

“We knew it was bad from the beginning,” head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan said. “It is what it is. It’s not just like it’s a little crack. It’s got a couple pieces to it. The question is whether you leave it the way it is, or whether you pin it to help the healing process. It’s Dr. Raikin’s impression that the best way to handle this is go in and try to pin it, make it a more stable fracture and certainly hopefully help the healing process.”

Broken toes for pitchers seem to take at least a month to heal. It is unknown if the breaks are similar, but former Pirates left-hander Oliver Perez broke his left big toe on June 26, 2005, after kicking a metal laundry cart in the visitors’ clubhouse in St. Louis. He did not pitch again for Pittsburgh until Sept. 9, a span of 66 games. Cubs right-hander Ryan Dempster broke his right big toe during a celebration last July. He spent 26 days on the disabled list between starts.


An an aside, whenever I hear “big toe” I always think about Sgt. Hulka in Stripes.


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Please get rid of Gary Matthews (Sarge). He is negative, and seems unable to champion the Phillies without making a scathing remark about a player. He ruins the game for me and for many others.

I”d settle for Sarge calling the games out here in LA……

…it’s Cadillac time!…

Let’s hear it for our newest, bestest buddy … and big toe … Todd Zolecki!

m_ammerman: If announcers can “ruin” a game for you, maybe you aren’t that big a baseball fan? Do you watch for the game or to listen to the announcers?

“Uncle Hulka?”

big toes? June 4, 1953: lefty Curt Simmons cut off his left big toe with a power mower. was back on the mound on July 10, and won 16 games that year. I’m guessing few on the current roster find themselves cutting the grass when home on weekends. Just a guess.

defg, are you suggesting that Ryan Madson should cut off his big toe in order to get back to the team faster?

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