Madson to Miss Minimum Eight Weeks

The Phillies said Ryan Madson had successful surgery on his right big toe this morning at the Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

But successful surgery does not mean Madson will be back quickly. Phillies head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan said Madson will need a minimum of eight weeks to recover, which means he will not be back until July at the earliest. Obviously, that is a considerable blow to the bullpen, which is struggling.

Madson will see foot and ankle specialist Steve Raikin, who performed the surgery, in two weeks for an evaluation. Madson will have the pins in his toe removed in four weeks. He will be non-weight bearing for two weeks.


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I may be in the minority here, BUT I hope that the GM exhausts every internal personnel solution to fix the bullpen to include giving Herndon, Bastardo, Durbin extended rolls ( also giving consideration to call up of Mathieson) before trading YET another up and coming prospect for some team’s over 30 plus year old, past his prime , mediocre middle reliever. Charlie needs to show some confidence in some of the younger guys instead of being so darn insecure about using them.

The only way Madson can make for this is by pitching lights out for the rest of the season once he returns.

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