Moyer Makes History

moyer 0507 2010.jpg

Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher in baseball history to throw a shutout, when at 47 years, 170 days old, he threw a two-hit shutout tonight in a 7-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves.

“Cool,” he said.

Just cool?

“Just doing my job.”

Phil Niekro had been the oldest pitcher to throw a shutout when he threw one for the New York Yankees against the Toronto Blue Jays on Oct. 6, 1986, at 46 years, 188 days old. ESPN’s Jayson Stark first found that Satchel Paige had been the oldest non-knuckleball pitcher to accomplish the feat, when he pitched for the St. Louis Browns and threw a 12-inning shutout against the Detroit Tigers at 46 years, 75 days old.

“We knew it was Eighth Wonder of the World type stuff,” Chad Durbin said.

“There’s no ands, ifs or buts about it,” Chipper Jones said. “We didn’t really barrel much hard. The guy is 87 years old and he’s still pitching for a reason. He stays off of people’s barrels. That’s what he did. … That’s about as well pitched of a game by a guy who throws 80 mph that I’ve ever seen.”

“That amazes me,” Charlie Manuel said.

“It was impressive, regardless of how old you are,” Roy Halladay said.

Does Halladay expect to be throwing shutouts at 47?

“No,” he said immediately.

What does he expect to be doing then?

“Fishing,” he said.


“What did I do with the ball?” Moyer said. “I think one of my kids has it. I don’t know if it’s in the (batting) cage and they’re hitting with it, or they’re going to give it to one of the dogs at home.”


Moyer said it was nice to know that some of his children are old enough to have vivid images of this historical night.

“Yeah, I hope they do,” he joked about his boys. “Two of them are teenagers.”

Maybe they were fiddling with their iPods instead?

“There might have been some cute girls around, too,” Moyer said.


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Great game by the ageless wonder. What great pitching by our starters the last time through the rotation.

Moyer Makes History and what fun it was to witness it! Jamie honored Robin Roberts memory in sterling fashion. I loved watching the hometown crowd embrace a truly exemplary effort put forth by Moyer and the eight that played out there with him tonight. Congratuations, Jamie. For a guy that’s just doing his job — very cool indeed.

I’ll gladly eat my crow and congratulate Jaime on a superb (and historic) game. I wish I could have been there like libertybelle, but I got goosebumps even watching it on

When Jamie got that first low-and-away pitch called for a strike, my first thought was that it was gonna be a good night for the ancient one. Moyer, more than anyone, is dependent upon the umpire having a generous strike zone. All too many times, Jamie starts a home game and gives up a number of runs in the 1st beacause the umpire hasn’t yet figured out what is a strike on that particular night. When Jamie doesn’t get the outside (or inside) strike, he gets hit around…With McCann and Heyward out of the line-up last night, Bobby Cox put forth a line-up with all right-handed batters except for a slumping Nate McClouth. Just like Cole did against the Cardinals, Jamie (and the umpire) had the same look for nearly every batter, and he was able to get into a real groove, especially with that 70-mph curveball.

Moyer gives us old farts hope in accomplishing anything in life. His work ethic is second to none. Move over Niekro the Ageless one
is now the King of 40+ers who can still win in the bigs.
One word: Inspiring!!!!

Ugh, why does Chipper Jones have to be such a jackass all the time?

Ok. I have a few comments about last night’s loss…..
The whole mojo of the team was thrown off. Charlie not managing. Chase not in the line-up. Polanco over to 2nd. Schneider starting as catcher. You don’t do that for a Home game! I had a bad feeling, from the very beginning. The whole team look kind of lost.

norma: I hear ya. You’d think there would be better places to rest guys than a game against a division opponent at home. Meanwhile, they have nobody to replace Chase at second, so expect to see Polanco there whenever Chase needs/gets a day off.
Still, they need to find a way to not seem “lost” when there is a lineup shake-up.

I suppose, every time Jamie goes out and does something, he will be the oldest player to do it. It’s kind of tiring to hear about. And the age issues when he pitches against another “old” guy are old too. “Their combined age is…” Who cares?
The only thing it tells me is that there aren’t enough good young players to kick the old ones out of the league.

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