Could the Phillies Get 84 Home Games?

The Fightins (bookmark ’em) caused a stir this morning when they wrote that the Phillies’ June 25-27 series against the Blue Jays in Toronto has been moved to Philadelphia because of the G20 Summit. I never read the post because @meechone, the top dog at The Fightins, removed it because he said he could not get the information confirmed.

Is this why Twitter crashed today?

Anyway … the Phillies playing 84 games would be kind of a big deal, so I contacted Katy Feeney, who is MLB’s senior vice president of scheduling and club relations. I asked her: “Is there any chance that series is moved to Philly or elsewhere, or is the series definitely going to be played in Toronto?”

Her response: “We are fully aware of the situation and working with the Blue Jays and the G20 organizers and security as well as the Phillies and once a final determination is made for any of the games, we will announce.”

The Phillies declined comment when asked about events at the Bank being rescheduled.

Sounds like I shouldn’t book my flight to Toronto yet.

Stay tuned.


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I hope we don’t miss our chance to welcome Doc back in Toronto!

Interesting. I wonder how that’s going to work out for all the Blue Jays fans who have already bought tix? Maybe the G20 Summit will chip in for buses.

No way we can have 84 home games. Imagine if we win the division by 2 games what a stink there would be. What is more lieky is the venue is changed to a nutral site, but it is listed as a home game for Toronto. Kind of what happened to the Saints after Katrina (NFL) had a Toronto source state recently that there were discussions in progress to cancel one of the dates in Toronto, and play 2 games on one of the other already scheduled dates, to reduce congestion & security issues for the G20 event.

Maybe the Blue Jays are no match for the New World Order.

The information seems pretty solid to me. Maybe they are just moving one game, not the whole series.

If you followed the tweets this morning, the source said she had an event planned at CBP for 6/25, the Phillies told her she had to reschedule because the series was relocating to Philly.

Let’s see: We had an All-Star game end in a tie, and now the winner of an exhibition game determines home field advantage in the World Series.
We had a suspended WS game that took 3 days to finish. The World Series has been extended through Halloween and the two leagues STILL play by different rules.

Why not 84 home games? Sounds like it would be another feather in Selig’s cap! Fits right in.

@ in jerusalem. The Saint’s played their “home” opener against the Giants at the Medowlands that year. Hardly a neutral site.

Maybe they could have that series at Olympic Stadium in Montreal……Not that any locals ever went to baseball games when they had an MLB team…..And the GO20 oganizers could schedule shuttle flights for ticket-holding Jays fans to and from Montreal for the occasion.

Because I can’t see any of these games, I have to guess what might be the issue with Cole. I think it’s interesting that Cole, Joe , and Kyle (to an extent) seem to pitch well in the first 4-5 innings and then the wheels suddenly fall off. To me it sounds like a problem with conditioning and stamina. When pitchers run out of gas, hand fatigue keeps them from getting the proper grip on the ball, or their legs tire, it adversely effects their overall pitching- including delivery, ball-movement, breaking pitches and the location of the ball.
Joe Blanton is a big burly guy who always seems to start a season looking like a guy uncomfortable in his own skin. Recently,he’s been pitching great for 5 innings and horrible after that. I’m sure his arm strength will come in time and he’ll be pitching deeper into the games he starts.
On the other hand, I think Cole needs to build up his physical stamina. I don’t mean he’s got to be buff, but I get the feeling Cole’s arm can throw 120 pitches, but his legs can’t go beyond 75 pitches without a struggle. I’m sure Cole is doing something, but I just get the impression he wouldn’t last 5 minutes doing the Doc’s regiment…

erichh: In Hamels’ career, his ERA jumps to 5.60 in the 6th inning. It’s 2.63 in the second, 4.09 in the third and 4.41 in the fourth and 3.35 in the fifth; so it jumps over two runs from the second inning onward.
Blanton carries a similar 5.44 ERA in the sixth inning, but his other innings are in the 3.5o range, so his numbers dont’ drop off quite as drastically as Cole’s.
Cole seems to always have that disasterous inning (like on Sunday when he started the fifth by walking Kawakami) and can’t get out without giving up a bunch. Cole’s strikeout-to-walk ratio doesn’t change much throughout the game, which is intersting. Opponent’s batting average jumps to .280 in the sixth inning, from the .240 range earlier.
The numbers prove your point.

Thanks muleman for the detailed response. It really clarifies that the issue isn’t just for now,but probably something that will occur off and on during the whole season. I’m still convinced that it has to do with their overall lack of stamina/endurance because they are not in top physical shape. Hamels is slim (I won’t say “soft”), not muscular. Blanton is heavy (I won’t say “fat”). What is Sheridan doing to help these guys be just as strong in the 7th-9th as they are in the 1st-4/5th?

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