Yep, Phillies Get 3 More Home Games

The Phillies will have the rare fortune of playing 84 home games this season.

The Toronto Blue Jays have moved their June 25-27 series against the Phillies from Rogers Centre in Toronto to Citizens Bank Park because of the G20 Summit. The G20, which hosts many of the world’s political and financial leaders, is June 26-27 at the Metro Convention Center, and there are security and congestion issues with the two sites just feet away.

The series in Toronto could have brought large crowds with the return of former ace Roy Halladay, who was traded to the Phillies in December for prospects. Things certainly can change between now and then, but if the Phillies’ rotation remains on schedule, Halladay would pitch June 24 against Cleveland and miss the Blue Jays series.

The change gives the Phillies a nine-game homestand June 18-27 against Minnesota, Cleveland and Toronto, and shortens a road trip June 28-July 4 against the Reds and Pirates to just seven games.

The teams will use American League rules — there will be a DH — and the Blue Jays will have last at-bats. In other words, they are the “home team” in Philadelphia that weekend. Hey, works for me.

MLB commissioner Bud Selig said in a statement: “After reviewing all of the options with the parties and taking all of the security considerations into account, it was determined that the best course of action is to play the series in Philadelphia.”

Rogers Sports Entertainment President and CEO Paul Beeston said: “This was an extremely difficult decision and one which we did not take lightly. By moving our games to Philadelphia, we are acting in the best interests of our fans, our employees, the players and the game of baseball. We did not want to move the games but in looking at the realities of this situation, we felt that relocation was the most prudent course of action.”

The June 25 game will be played at 7:05 p.m. The June 26 game will be played at 1:35 p.m. The June 27 game time has not been determined.


UPDATED: Here is some ticket information for the series, according to Phillies vice president of sales and ticket operations John Weber:

The Phillies will contact season ticket holders within the next three to seven days. Full season ticket holders get first crack at tickets. Sunday season ticket holders will have a shot at tickets for the June 27 game. The Phillies also will have presale opportunities for their 17-game season ticket holders.

“Hopefully we’ll be on sale for individual tickets to the public in about 10 to 14 days,” Weber said. “Hopefully our fans will see this as a great opportunity for another weekend series.”

Weber said they are working with the Blue Jays because these technically are their home games.

“We’re going to help them out as much as possible,” he said. “If their fans are trying to come out, we’re going to help them out as much as we can. It is their home game.”

The attendance figures from the series will be added to the Blue Jays’ home attendance totals, which means at the end of the season the Phillies technically will have played 81 home games.


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If I could quote muleman I would.

If it were the Yankees, Red Socks or Mets I bet Selig would even go far as to push for the G20 to be moved or rescheduled.

Muleman: I’m not quite sure what you’re complaining about? This will help benefit the Blue Jays in that the ticket sales will go on their books since they’re the home team and of course Phillies tickets sales are far superior to the Blue Jays. The Phils have the advantage of being in their house (even though technically they’re the away team). Seems like a win-win for all.

Half the teams in MLB will have empty stadiums that weekend going to waste, they couldn’t move the games to one of those stadiums? Not that I’m complaining, I’m glad that we’ll have more home games, but it’s pretty ridiculous that this was the best they could come up with.

It’s amazing that thie is the only thing they could think of. If this had happened to the Mets, Red Sox or Yankees and not the “lowly” Blue Jays, you bet there’d be a different outcome.

Between the drug years, All-Star ties, November World Series games and that they’re STILL playing under two sets of rules, Bud Selig is the biggest joke in professional sports.

karen: What I’m complaining about is the shoddy way that baseball is being run. Did the G20 Summit just spring up? It had to have been planned years in advance.

It’s the latest in a long string of laughable decisions made by MLB under Selig’s watch, starting with ignoring the drug issues.
There is going to be a game in Philadelphia where the Jays will be the “home team” and get the ticket revenue. To me, it affects the dignity of the game, which sadly, is becoming less of an issue with each passing year of the Selig administration.

so, if the Phillies sellout every home game until then, which will probably happen, but don’t sellout during those three games, would the sellout streak end since they aren’t technically home games?

Interesting that it came to this. I thought the league was trying to swap the dates of the series to earlier in the week. I guess that still would not have afforded enough time for the G20 security teams.

Guess Ill be going to at least one more game.
But I agree. Can’t think of why another solution couldn’t have been worked out. I bet the Toronto fans are having a hissy fit.

Guess Bud and his gang never heard of the DOuble Header. Have one day okayed with the G-20 and play a twin bill. THe 3rd game could be added as a one game serries at some point. IF there was a will, there would have been a way. Unfortunately, I think Norma is right. THe Jays only cared about the increased revenue, the Phillies only cared about playing 3 more games in CBP, and MLB only cared about…..oh, that’s right, we’re not NY or LA so they don’t give a damn about anything

I’ll bet the fans of the other NL teams have a bigger problem with this than Jays fans.

f.i.j.: The ballpark and the Summit location are too close together to allow for anything to occur simultaneously. There was no “okaying anything with the G20.”
Don’t you think they considered a doubleheader? The city will be in lockdown mode while this G20 thing is going on, making the scheduling of baseball games that weekend a ridiculous notion to begin with.
As far as I’m concerned, Selig and MLB should be embarrassed by this turn of events, but he’ll twist it around and spin it to make himself look magnanamous.

phan: Wait till the Mets and Braves fans start bitching. I would add Marlin fans, but … I think management would prefer scheduling all their home games at other ballparks.

Mets fans maybe. But I don’t think the Braves have much of a fan base. Also if the Nats continue playing well and Strasberg gets called up, you might have to add them to the mix.

The Mets, Braves, Nationals and Marlins should indeed all be up in arms about granting the Phillies 3 extra home games.

MLB could have moved this series to Cleveland or Detroit (both stadiums are dark that weekend, and at least driving distance from Toronto) and instead chose to give a tremendous advantage to the Phillies.

Will the Phils being using the visiting team’s dugout and locker room? Just wonderingšŸ˜‰

Will the Phanatic have to wear a Jays jersey and taunt Phans in the stadium? I’d pay to see that!

I think it’s hilarious (in a bad way) that John Weber thinks they’re going to help Blue Jays fans by making it “their home game.”
Sure, travel 500 miles, stay in a hotel, pay for your meals and game tickets and treat yourself to a ‘home game’ in Philadelphia.” You’re a sweetie, John. How are you going to “help them as much as you can”? By showing them to their seats?
What a cluster f**k this is.

Sure, the Phillies will “technically” play 81 home games. Will the stats have an asterisk like Maris’ 61 home runs?

Will the Liberty Bell ring if the Phils hit a HR or only if the Jays do? Fireworks? Will Philly cheesesteaks be replaced by some Canadian food they usually sell in the Jays’ stadium? Will all the banners have to come down? Will a Canadian Flag be replacing the Stars and Stripes? Man I got a lot of questions…..

Maybe the Jays mascot will make the trip for the home game…..

How will TV coverage be effected? I would guess that away games are on one channel and home games are on another channel. Comcast Sports Philly vs. Channel 17? Can they be blacked out if the games aren’t sold out?

They need a promotion for that series : The Jays usually have two “At My Best Jr. Jays Saturdays” a month? Maybe they could have a contest where they give you pictures of all the G20 leaders and whoever gets the names and countries right has a chance to win something nice? How about Bud Selig thunder sticks night? (Dartboards are too expensive) Pound the faces of Selig together and make an annoying sound that will bother everyone, including you……

Make up giant head costumes of all the G20 leaders and have a race. Semi-finals against the Milwaukee Bratwurst.
Free parking for Jays fans. All you have to do is drive 500 miles, show your proof of Canadian citizenship and your parking is free.
Dollar Bacon Night.
Hey, if the ’93 World Series was played in Toronto with the Phillies as the home team, can they get another at-bat?

@ donoltmann: According to a park employee that I spoke with on Sunday, they’re already sold out for the rest of the season (standing room is still available, but that doesn’t factor in, just puts them over 100% capacity). This is a weekend series in June – once they go on sale to the general public, tickets will likely be gone within 24 hours or so.

Okay, here are the ground rules for when the Phillies come to visit the Jays at CBP as the away team. All fans must wear Jay Colours. All signs must be written in the Queen’s English. We must Boo all Phila players, except Doc–and especially Werth, Rollins, and Howard. Any contact by Jay players is greeted by applause and “the Wave”

If nothing else, the posts here show that the posters here should not quit their day jobs to pursue careers in comedy. Working with the mentally challenged to the extent of trying to match wits, maybe. Comedians, not. Be that as it may, the Phillis only gain an advantage from this arrangement if they sweep the series and the three games are determinative of whether they win the division or not. Liklihood of either of these happening -nil. Let’s move on.

“Working with the mentally challenged to the extent of trying to match wits…”
That’s why we always respond to your comments, pherris. Technically, Todd is the poster. We are the commenters.

We are merely treating this farce with all the dignity it deserves – which is to say, none.

Yes, muleman, you respond to my comments in an attempt to match wits. While I may be mentally challenged, what does it say about you and your abysmal failure to mat Ich wits with me? Thank you for proving my point.

pherris, the only wit you have has a big nit attached.

LOST: 1 Sense of Humor. If found, return to pherrisphain. May also be accompanied by lost sentence structure, grammar and a general knowledge of baseball.

Funny how people with no sense of humor are always the first to say “don’t quit your day job.” When it comes to matching wits with you, we’re 1 wit short.

pherrisphain, I was partially serious about some of the those questions. I just wanted to know how much the Phils have to accomodate the Jays in order to make them feel like they are the home team.
The best idea idea for give-away goes to a poster named “chris” who suggested Bud Selig Voodoo Doll night (pins not included) I came up with a Selig puper-scooper- no pet-owning phan should be without one….

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