Lidge Gets MRI, No Structural Damage, Day-to-Day

Brad Lidge is not headed to the DL, at least for now.

Phillies physician Michael Ciccotti examined him today at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. Lidge, who has experienced stiffness in his right elbow since he pitched Sunday, had a gadolinium MRI. The Phillies said it revealed no loose bodies and no structural damage. They also said his flexor pronator surgery, which he had in November, is healing properly.

The MRI revealed inflammation in the lining of his elbow joint.

They said he is day-to-day.

Lidge, 33, is 0-0, 2.70 ERA with one save in four relief appearances this season.


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Upon administering another MRI, doctors were able to discover significant damage in Lidge’s head……………..sorry pherrisphain, I know that wasn’t funny, but I couldn’t help myself😉

That’s OK erichh, pherris isn’t that funny either.

With all the things that have happened to this team in the first month, I guess this qualifies as good news. Injuries to their starting SS, starting pitcher and closer questions and they’re still in first place. I’m not sure if that speaks to the strength of the rest of the team or the weakness of the National League East. Probably the team.

True, muleman. We probably can’t overexaggerate how important the Doc on the mound and Jason and Chooch at the Plate have been for the Phils so far this injury-laden season. Without those three guys playing at the highest level, the Phils would be in the cellar IMO.

I think every great team needs a dominant starter at the top of the rotation, like Hamels was in 2008 and Lee the second half last season.
While there’s no question of the value of Werth, Utley and Polanco at the top of the lineup, it’s Ruiz’ contribution at the bottom that has been a key in their success.

They need to get Happ back and pitching the way he did last year, but I don’t know how long they can go without a legitimate closer. Those are like great goaltenders in hockey – they don’t magically appear. I’m hoping Lidge’s arm soreness is a temporary result of the surgery and nothing chronic.

Another thing I’m curious to see is what happens when the Nationals bring Strasburg into their rotation. They’re a better team now, and if he is what they say he is, they’ll be a threat into the second half. But, I’ve seen a lot of kids dominate in the minors and fall to earth once they get to The Show, so I’ll wait and see with him, too.

muleman, the Nats and the Padres are both playing way above the level that most so-called baseball experts predicted. Neither team can afford an injury, because neither has any depth. If the Padres had the Nats’ offense or if the Nats had the Padres’ pitching, they would be the best team in baseball….scary because Strasburg’s has a 100 mph heater and “Bugs-Bunny” like off-speed stuff. The movement on his pitches is remarkable. He’s coming up soon. Only nerves can stop this guy from winning 8-10 games for the Nats, IMO. The Phils are notoriously bad against any young unknown pitcher with “good” stuff. Strasburg has other worldly stuff

More Lidge drama, just what we need.
As far as Strasburg is concerned, I am convinced that he is the real deal. But the economics of MLB have contrived to keep him down until at least June, because then it won’t count as a full season for his time served. The Nats are shooting themselves in the foot right now in order to preserve some backend flexibility years down the road. But even with Strasburg, the Nats aren’t good enough to sustain this all year. No depth, little pitching and mediocre defense will doom them in the end. But they will continue to get better in the years to come.

Todd – your reportage has been on the money time and again. Thanks for your quality work. Informative, and enjoyable.


erichh1 and muleman, it doesn’t matter what you think of me just as long as you are thinking of me which both of you obviously are. Ciao.

The Nats are playing excellent ball and currently lead the mythical wildcard race to say nothing of the fact that they have been trending up recently. For what reason would they call-up Stasburg now and, in effect, burn a year of team control? The least he would be able to do is increase the gate for the starts he would make in D.C. between now and the cut-off date. How many is this? Three?

pherrisphain, I always read your posts. I guess that the Nats may be hoping that Stasburg doesn’t qualify as a “super two” arbitration eligible player when the time comes….

Bottom line, Lidge is ” unavailable” so whether he’s on the DL and can’t pitch or day to day and can’t pitch the result is the same- he can’t pitch because of pain in his elbow. We have seen THIS before. The GM needs to call-up Mathieson and the manager needs to start phasing Herndon into more important late inning situations, along with Mathieson. Contreras is closing and Baez and Durbin as support. Time to slowly, but surely, move on from Lidge and Madsen. They are NOT getting it done.

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