Rollins Gets the Green Light

rollins 0520 2010.jpgJimmy Rollins
hit a 3-0 fastball for a three-run home run today.

He had the green light.

Charlie Manuel likes giving the green light to good hitters in 3-0 counts. If they get a good pitch to hit in that situation, why not swing? Rollins is 4-for-7 with a double, two home runs and six RBIs when he puts a ball in play on a 3-0 count. (He also has walked 120 times in that situation.)


Asked if he might return Rollins to the leadoff spot Friday against the Red Sox, Manuel said he probably would think about that after he takes a shower.

“I don’t want to think about Charlie in the shower,” Rollins replied.


Danys Baez pitched a scoreless eighth inning (after Antonio Bastardo allowed a solo homer to tie the game). He is 2-0 with a 1.00 ERA in nine appearances this month.

Baez is 1-1 with a 5.29 ERA in 18 appearances after a rough April.

“I don’t feel that I pitched bad last month,” Baez said. “It’s just that I had a couple bad outings. If you have a bad outing in the bullpen, it takes two or three months to fix your ERA.

“It’s a really long season. It’s a long season. You’ve got to keep working hard. Hopefully it’s a longer season than the seasons I’ve had in the past seven years.”

Baez spent previous season with Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Cleveland. He has not pitched in the postseason since 2001 with the Indians.


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter. His Phillies book “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” is available online, and at Delaware Valley bookstores!


A fine outting by Big Joe B. The “Big Truck” Contreras gave me a bit of agida. Nice to see J-Roll get a HR.

oy vey! its a typo! for shame on me since I have a degree in English. Better bench from future postings!?

It is “agita” not agida. Not meant to be critical but showing the heuristic value of posting even on a sport’s site. At one time I thought it was a corruption of “angina” which I thought to mean chest pain. Live and learn. Not unlike telling a guy his fly is down.

whatever it is, it gave me a case of the Lidge’s

karen62: and your point in declaring you having a degree in English is what exactly? That makes you a good speller? Or, just someone too lazy to employ spell check?

pherrisphain: as you are well aware commenting on this blog does not allow for a spell check option so therefore your point is pointless. let’s move on……….

Jeeeze. For a minute there, I thought pherris was going to say something nice. Silly me.

karen, the only point pherris has is at the top of his head.
It’s good that we are missing Lester this weekend, now that he’s got it together. I wonder how the Phillies will do against Wakefield, with Josh Beckett missing a turn.

Phan52: The Fightins haven’t fair too well in inter-league play. However, their patience at the plate this season has greatly improved so far. They seem not to be swinging at bad pitches for the most part. Haven’t quite decided if I like inter-league play or not.

Norma48: For a minute you thought? For an entire minute? Wonders never cease.

Pherris, why don’t you go root for, and blog for a team who will apreciate you. I uinderstand the Mutts want you. They’re offereing 2 piles of horse shi* in trade value. Personally, I think we get the better deal

fij: You would know about horse s-h-i-t, wouldn’t you? What is this trying to rescue damsels in distress? I thought damsels were young chicks?

One idea I have (born out of watching too many ridiculous Japanese TV shows) to help the Phils prepare for Wakefield’s knuckleball is to use high-powered fans to blow a batting practice pitch down and left/right through the path of the pitch. When the pitch reaches the fan, it will suddenly drop and slide a little. I wish I could draw a picture to better explain my idea, but I’m afraid I’m closer to “autistic” than “artistic”—–😉
How ARE the Phils going to prepare for Wakefield? The only way to hit a knuckleball is to practice hitting a real knuckleball. It’s important to track the sudden movement of the pitch and get a feel for where it is going. A high-powered fan suddenly blowing a BP pitch down and to the right/left could mimic this.
Another idea: the Phils could rent that Japanese chick who signed a minor league contract to pitch in Arizona a few months ago. Her knuckler is supposed to be pretty decent. They could fly her in let her pitch BP and fly her back. It would be good for the Phils, the girl, and her team.

Come on everyone! I just escaped the boards under the articles of this site because I’m getting sick of phans fighting each other. I’m starting to catch onto pherrisphain’s brand of humor/posting. So I never engage him in useless arguments. He will never back off or back down from a fight, and neither will a loy of you. Let’s keep it to baseball please. I love reading everyone’s baseball related comments, but I’m sick of the bickering……..;-(

I think we have learned a lot about the so-called modern bullpen by watching how the Phils have responded to all their pen injuries throughout the course of this season.
If each pitcher in the pen is supposed to function according to their role (closer/set-up man/lefty specialist/long reliever/etc.) for the pen to be succesful, how has the Phils’ pen managed to become one of the best in the NL while in total disarray? Contreras has been every bit as good as Lidge ever was in ’08 so far. Baez is thriving while pitching much more regularly; he was ineffective when used sparingly. JC is coming along. This pen shouldn’t be pitching this well when you consider who’s missing and who’s there.
The bottomline: good pitchers will pitch well no matter when or where they pitch, and bad pitchers will be bad in any situation. I think we can safely say the Phils have good pitchers in their pen.

FORMULA: Get to the World Series For Certain >>>> Get Oswald.
It’s as simple as that.

rechtib: If you’re going to campaign for somebody, at least learn how to spell his name. It’s Roy Oswalt. And how, exactly, do you figure on trading for him? With shiny beads and shells? It isn’t simple.

erich, while it may seem that the bullpen is doing well, it is a bit of a house of cards. Every one of the their WHIPs, outside of Durbin and Contreras, is not very good. It is only a matter of time until all of these baserunners become runs. They ended up with the tying run at the plate tonight, yet the final score was still 5-1. That’s a little scary.

I look at the Phillies bullpen relative to the rest of the league. If the Phillies have a shaky bullpen but still have a 4.5 game lead in the division, the best record in the NL and the second best record in MLB, what is going on?

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