Rollins Strains His Calf Again

Jimmy Rollins left tonight’s game in the sixth inning with a mildly strained right calf muscle.

The Phillies said he is day-to-day.

Rollins had just returned to the lineup Monday after originally straining his right calf April 12 during pregame warm-ups at Citizens Bank Park. Rollins singled to right field in the sixth and pulled up after about six steps down the line. He jogged slowly to first base and left the game almost immediately.

The calf injury is a tricky one. Greg Dobbs said it bothered him throughout last season, and he only recovered completely after the offseason. Shane Victorino spent July 31 – Aug. 21, 2007, on the DL with an injured calf. He tweaked the calf Aug. 24 and started just six of 23 games he played the rest of the regular season.


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McCarthy commented that it was the first time the Phils had their regular starting 8 together since the first week. That was short-lived.

Hamels was outstanding tonight. The best I’ve seen him this year, even with the high pitch count early. JRoll coming out is a huge bummer. Still better now than later and the offense has shown it can thrive without him.

I saw him shaking it (his right leg) while in the field earlier in the game. I was a little concerned at the time, and then it happened a few innings later. Bummer.

Hope Jimmy gets well soon. No apparent reason to rush back.

I was at the game, too. The first thing I said was, “Why isn’t he hustling?” And in a heart-beat, the trainers and Chuck came out of the dugout. I’m surprised you couldn’t hear the collective groan, on TV.

zach58….Not sure I’d call Cole “outstanding”. But he got the job done. His pitch count was somewhere around 50, after the 2nd inning. None of us thought he’d make it through 5. But he did settle down pretty well. I was really surprised when he came back to pitch the 7th, though. I don’t believe in pitch-counts, at all, but he was at 100. And we all know what a Diva he is. Hopefully, a little bit of Doc is rubbing off on him.

I was hoping I was hallucinating when I saw J-Roll limp off the field. I feel bad for him…he must be so disappointed after all the hard work to get back to the team. So sad :O( I hope he gets well quick!


The Bosox kept fouling off a great number of pitches thus adding the Cole’s pitch count. I thought he looked very good despite that. In fact at one point he seemed to get pissed at the ump (LA & Franzke thought the home plate ump was a bit inconsistent) but managed to shake it off. Hope J-Roll can shake it off. However would hate to see him rush it.

karen: Name an umpire that LA thinks is consistent. Time’s up. I grow weary of their complaining about umpires. Sooner or later, you have to pitch to the batter and not the umpire. It’s a tired excuse.

muleman…..LA DOES hate all umpires! LOL!
Of course, I didn’t have as good a perspective as the broadcasters, but I thought the home plate ump had a pretty small strike zone. And I agree with you. Once the pitcher knows that, start adjusting your pitches. Of course, that’s easy for me to say. Never being a pitcher. LOL!

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