Stuff Ballot Boxes Much?

Phillies fans know how to punch ballots and work a computer.

MLB released its first NL All-Star voting update this afternoon, and the Phillies are well represented. Chase Utley (687,724) has a commanding lead over Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks, who is in second (169,941). Utley has more votes than anybody in the league at any position. That is not a surprise. Placido Polanco leads third baseman with 309,458 votes. Mets third baseman David Wright is second (236,387). Ryan Braun (423,834), Jayson Werth (365,402) and Shane Victorino (348,841) are the top three outfielders. Raul Ibanez is eighth (248,450).

Jimmy Rollins, who has spent most of the season on the DL, leads shortstops with 340,747 votes. Florida’s Hanley Ramirez is second with 309,244. Rollins held a lead at this point last year, but Ramirez ultimately won the vote.

St. Louis catcher Yadier Molina has 316,795 votes. He leads Carlos Ruiz, who is second with 259,227.

Albert Pujols (647,666) has a commanding lead over Ryan Howard, who is second (329,673).


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Chooch deserves to go. If he doesn’t win, Charlie will certainly pick him.

Ryan and Chooch will certainly make the team if the vote holds as is, and they both keep playing well, of course Charlie will put them on the team.

What is it with the stuffed ballot box? Maybe it is just the recognition due to these Phillies from around the league.

Three-time division winners and two consecutive World Series appearances. Does that warrant “stuffing the ballot box?” Maybe they really are All-Stars? Or have we lost the concept of the game?

WHile I would be thrilled to have an all phillies starting 8, here is my “honest” ballet. THe players who truely deserve to be allstarts based on their performance this year.
ss-Tulowitzki (I can’t vote for a loafer like and clubhouse cancer like Ramirez )
OF-Ethier, Braun, Werth

With that said, keep stuffing those ballets for our Phillies

Cooch has always been my All-Star catcher.

I thought I saw a couple of players wearing the same jersey number the other day (Sunday) I think it was 28. Werth, Utley and Ibanez?

Anyone else see that?

cbennett: The way the numbers look on the Phils’ daytime uni’s, the 6’s (Utley’s 26) and 9’s (Ibanez’ 29) loop around and look like an 8 when seen from a television distance. Trust me, they weren’t wearing the same number. Maybe you need a new TV?🙂

Why didn’t you bring this up on Jackie Robinson Day when every player wore number 42?

muleman thank you for the useful information. So the short answer is no concerning two players wearing the same number. Your comment that maybe cbennett could be taken as a joke until until your Jackie Robinson question. I have no doubt why there are not more posters here.

pherrris, why are you such an incredible jackass? And that’s not a joke, but the Robinson reference was, you ignorant slob.
There – I name-called. sue me.

Yeah, muleman, you are such a comic. It sure sound like your typical sarcasm to me.

pherrisphain, you seriously need to loosen up a bit. I found muleman’s post very entertaining. I hope you don’t do the same things when you go to a party. If no one invites you to parties, it could be because your a “killjoy”. Again, LIGHTEN UP !!!

Thanks erichh. Nice to get a little support around here.

Don’t worry, I’m sure people laugh at pherris all the time.

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