Time to Snap the Streak?

Just looked it up: the Phillies tonight are trying to avoid being shutout four times in five games for the first time since …

August 23-27, 1974.

August 23: Lost 1-0 at Houston.
August 24: Lost 1-0 at Houston.
August 25: Lost 5-0 at Houston.
August 26: Beat the Reds in Philadelphia, 7-6.
August 27: Lost 3-0 to the Reds in Philadelphia.

The Phillies lost to Larry Dierker, Dave Roberts, Don Wilson and Jack Billingham in ’74.

The Phillies have not been shutout in three consecutive games since May 20-23, 1983.


J.A. Happ threw 50 pitches in a bullpen session today in Clearwater, Fla. He will throw live BP on Sunday.


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter. His Phillies book “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” is available online, and at Delaware Valley bookstores!


This is getting ridiculous!

Guess it’s time to add another zero to that list. Three shutouts in a row, against the Mutts, what is the world coming to??

Is it a full moon? This is just bizarre!

What does sabermetrics say about this slump? After all, what is a team if not the sum of its parts?

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