Drought Talk

Not sure what else can be said about the Phillies’ offense at this point.

They’ve scored nine runs in 10 games, which is why they’ve fallen from first place in the National League East for the first time since May 1. The Phillies had a season-high five-game lead in the NL East following a 12-2 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 17. They had the second-best offense in baseball at the time, averaging 5.73 runs per game. Only the New York Yankees (5.76) had averaged more.

But entering tonight’s game against the Braves, the Phillies rank 12th in baseball, averaging 4.69 runs per game.

Quite a fall.


The Phillies have gone 63 innings without a home run. It’s their longest home run drought since a 73-inning streak in 1999.

Who breaks the streak?



Dan Levy talks to Tom McCarthy and Scott Franzke about calling Roy Halladay‘s perfect game.


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter. His Phillies book “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” is available online, and at Delaware Valley bookstores!


It’s been a shocking and humbling over the past ten days for the Phils and us phans. Maybe the injuries have finally taken their toll on the team. The Phils offense has utterly vanished without a trace. Perhaps we should call the FBI and fill out a missing batters report.

65.625% of the time. That’s the number Buster Olney’s research team came up with when asked how often a team makes the playoffs after being in first place on Memorial Day. That’s based on a sample of 96 first place teams since the advent of the Wild Card, 58 of whom won the division, five of whom won the wild card and 33 of whom stayed home.


So the Braves have a 65.625% chance of making the playoffs. So what? Better yet, what does this have to do with the Phillies?

The fans show up…but the Phils don’t!

I find it ironic that thousnads of Phillies fans will travel all over the country to cheer on the Phillies to victory. They pay good money (in a bad economy) to root on the team in visiting cities to show their unflinching support. It would nice if the highly paid players would reciprocate and show up to play as well. This team wide funk is frankly unexplainable. No one is hitting and the fielding has been abysmal the last 13 games or so. In all my 46years of following the Phils, I have never seen such a lackluster performance from a very talented team. Maybe they read the early season press clippings stating they are the cream of the NL East and will be able to turn it on like a light switch. In my opinion there is no justifiable reason for this Single A brand of baseball that fans are paying major league prices to watch. The reasons given just don’t cut it (They miss Rollins, injuries etc.). It is my contention that the Phils are full of themselves and have shown no emotion and energy the last two weeks (even the perfect game couldn’t wake them up. Did losing two games to an American League East team (Boston) mess with their psyche? Maybe the Phils should spend a day together doing something totally out of character such as going to a movie, miniature golf or paint ball and forget about baseball altoghter (it can’t hurt!). So, for the thousands who follow their Phightins’, keep on travelling to other cities and root the team on, but if the team doesn’t show up, maybe it’s time YOU DON’T either.

Even the Phillies in-house analysts, and commentators seem to be focused on the negativity of the Phillies, yes the offense is in a slump, but as for wins and loses and actual runs scored fore and against, the numbers from May 17th to month end are not much different from April 17th to month end, and both months ended with us being 1/2 game out of first place… too early in the season to hit the panic button, more zero’s will appear when almost everyone on the team is in a hitting slump. Theoretically everyone should exit the slump in unison, hopefully.

Phillies Outside

Check the standings and you’ll see what that has to do with the Phillies. “33 of whom stayed home.” That’s over a third of the sample group.

There is a string of games coming up against Florida, the Red Sox and Yankees that they’d better be ready for, lest they be buried by mid-June. Right now, they’re showing no signs of being ready for it. They got fat off some lousy teams early, and now they’re getting beaten by division teams, worsening each loss. A 4 game lead has evaporated.
Games in May and June matter too.

I told myself not to comment on their hitting but this is getting frustrating. I know that the Phillies are trying at least I hope they are trying but come on guys do something. This guy I met said “So how yuor Phillies doing? With those hits mind as well bring up the moinor league team.” I was a like yeah I know and it is sad but it is true, we need a spark from somewhere. Come on Howard 25 mill, you should be blasting home runs left and right not once blue moon. Come Phillies I know you can do better we all know you can do better but it starts now becaus eit is June and the NL East teams are right behind you unlike last year. So fight, fight, fight.

Ok. I’m trying to find some positives in tonight’s loss. At least someone finally hit a HR. And Chase and Werth, both hit doubles. Not too often lately, that the top half of the lineup has gotten extra bases. Ok. That’s it.

THe Umpires won this game for Atlanta as much as the lack of hitting did. HOw can you have a rain delay in the 1st? It wasn’t pouring when they began? Even though Hamels wasn’t on tonight having him last just 2/3 of an inning due to rain, while the Braves got to have their starter pitch 6 innings, is ridiculous.

The number of pitches taken is great to wear down the opposition but the flip side is what the Phillies are getting now. It is almost paralysis by analysis. Once you work the count to get the pitch you know is coming, you better be able to hit it. The three biggest offenders: Werth, Utley and Ruiz. If the dugout can tell a hitter to bunt or to either take or swing away on a 3-0 pitch, why can’t it tell a hitter to swing away on the first or second pitch? Despite having a hitting coach and pitching coach what the players do between the lines is Charlie’s reponsibility. Of course the players love Charlie, why not, he lets them do what they want to do.

Mind boggling! Keeping my fingers crossed that at least they score more than 1 run the last two games and that its a start to the offense righting the ship.

The Phillies will recover from THIS slump . Their core players are too good not to recover. However, that same ” Core” is starting to show signs of age- Rollins’ length of time to recover from injuries, Ibanez’ continued lack of higher level production. Tweaks are needed. Suggestion #1 trade Ibanez back to the AL ( yes I know it’s not that easy BUT an AL tean will take him as a DL and the phils will need to pay part of his salary). Bring up Dominic Brown to blend in here and platoon with Francisco so as to phase him in. Trade or cut Dobbs. Gload is a better lefty off the bench and can play a corner outfield slot. Castro or Valdez can fill-in at 3rd base. Bring up Mayberry to replace Dobbs. John is younger, more athletic, better defensively and has more upside. These moves will help a little NOW and a lot by September. Got to get younger and more hungry.

dolfanman, what makes you think that an AL team would want a guy who can’t even hit NL pitching? Rauuuuul isn’t going anywhere. I still think he can find his swing and go on a tear for a month or two, hopefully in September and October…..

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