Phils Sign Taveras, Lose Wise

The Phillies lost one Minor League outfielder, but added another.

They announced today they agreed to terms with Willy Taveras, who will report to Triple-A Lehigh Valley tomorrow. They also announced they lost Dewayne Wise, who exercised the June 1 out-clause in his contract.

Taveras, 28, hit .200 with four RBIs, seven runs scored and one stolen base in 35 at-bats this season with Washington. The Nationals designated him for assignment May 16 and released him May 25. Taveras is a career .274 hitter with 128 RBIs, 358 runs scored and 195 stolen bases in 670 games with Houston, Colorado, Cincinnati and Washington.

Wise, who signed a Minor League contract with the Phillies in November, hit .272 in 36 games with Lehigh Valley. He is a free agent.


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phan: Meh too. Nice. That’s like trading a bag of potato chips for a bag of pretzels. Are they doing somebody a favor by signing Taveras?

Taveras can’t hit any worse than any of the Phils everyday players have been hitting recently…..which isn’t an encouraging thought😦

I still think D-Wise’s catch that preserved Buerhle’s perfect game was the best catch in MLB history. How can you do better than that? Fortunately, the Doc didn’t need him😉

The Braves have the best home record in MLB, thanks to the Phils. They are a staggering 19-6 so far. The Mets are also great at home. Why are the Phils consistantly mediocre at home the first half of every season? CBP doesn’t seem to give the Phils any added advantage since they always have played just as well on the road as at home….until the last two weeks. Hopefully, everything will go back to “normal” (Phils win the division, NLDS, NLCS and get to the WS) and we’ll all be looking back at this time of the season and laughing about it.

If you look at the interleague schedule, the handiwork of Bud Selig is hard to miss. The Phils play the Redsox 6 times, the Yankees 3 times, the Rays 3 times, the Twins 3 times, and the Indians 3 times (9 away, 9 at home).
On the other hand, the Braves play only 15 games (9 at home, 6 away) this year against the Twins (3), Rays (3), Royals (3), Whitesox (3), and Tigers (3).
How did the Braves get a schedule that had them playing the AL Central (weakest division in MLB) plus the Rays and the Phils playing the AL East (toughest division in MLB) plus the best team in the AL Central and the lowly Indians?
How can anyone not see Selig’s helping out an old friend?…a retirement present for Bobby Cox…….

D-Wise is the anti-Jim Joyce.

What exactly was the purpose of signing Willy? I’m not sure there is any logic to it… I mean I could keep the bench warm if they’re just looking for someone’s butt to sit on it. I really enjoyed your book BTW. You signed a copy for me at the Park the day that Halladay pitched the complete game shut out against the Mets.

Point of signing is simple: A major threat on the bases come Sept and in playoffs. Even if he only pinch runs, a guy who stole 68 bases 2 years ago and has hit over .300 in the majors is a good thing to have access to. BEsides, the way Dobbs hasn’t been hitting, he could easily replace him as backup OFer. It is obvious that we don’t need Dobbs as a backup at 3rd any more.

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