Moyer Gets Rocked, Worst Start of Career

Jamie Moyer suffered the worst start of his career tonight at Fenway Park, allowing nine hits, nine runs, one walk and one home run in one-plus inning.

Moyer had not pitched this poorly since he pitched for the Seattle Mariners and allowed 11 runs in 3 2/3 innings Aug. 9, 2000, against the Chicago White Sox.

It was the third time a Phillies starter had allowed nine or more runs in one or fewer innings since 1951. It was the first time it happened since April 20, 2006, when Ryan Madson allowed nine runs in one inning against the Washington Nationals at Citizens Bank Park. Ben Rivera allowed nine runs in one inning July 9, 1993, against the San Francisco Giants at Veterans Stadium.

Moyer allowed six doubles and one home run as the Phillies entered the third inning down nine runs.


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This team is doing epic negative things right now.

Epic indeed. I’ll reference my comment on the last post. Tired of hearing about the strike zone, etc. It’s worse than that. They’re going to have to do repair work on the left field wall after tonight.

I dread this next week of baseball.

Now I’m hearing the Comcast post-game show whining about Jamie not “getting the calls.” Stop. If he’s a big-league pitcher it shouldn’t matter. 82mph fastballs are hittable. Don’t blame or credit the umpires.
Why do I torture myself? Isn’t there an “The Office” rerun on someplace?

I couldn’t even watch beyond the 3rd inning. If they don’t turn it around REAL soon they are in deep doo-doo!

Muleman: DVR and/or On-Demand my friend. Saved me tonight!

These guys are pathetic and embarrassing right now. I hope they realize this. This city supports winners and those that play like winners. Support is drying up quickly. Two runs on ten hits? Unacceptable. Play better, start winning.

I’m looking forward to NEXT season. This one is tanking quickly.

I agree with what muleman said, in the previous post, about the complacency, and that Charlie has to make a statement. Or at least scream at the team. The once a year he has to do that really seems to help. I’m really sick of the “it’s not like they’re not trying”, “that’s baseball”, “there’s plenty of games left”, etc., excuses. Time for action, Chuck!!!

I just checked the box scores. Seems the “B” team made most of the hits, tonight. Maybe that could be Charlie’s plan. Sit ALL of the starters for a game or two.

I loved Jamie’s last complete game outing. I loved Jamie’s at bat a start or two ago. But listening listening to Wheeler explain how Jamie needs this liberal strike zone is nauseating to say nothing of Wheeler’s need for knee pads when ever he talks about the Red Sox. Give me a break. The NL and the AL play two different games. The NL has to insert a player designated for an NL role whenever playing by AL rules. The AL on the other hand just utilizes an everyday player as a pinch hitter when playing by NL rules. Last year the Yankees led MLB in homeruns. But take out the HRs generated by the DH position and guess what? The Phillies cranked out more HRs. This is not to say HRs are the be all to end all. Rather, it just accentuates the fact that two different games are being played. And, when being played by AL rules, it is a stacked deck. Does anyone believe that from positions one through eight that there is any AL team which can carry the Phillies jocks?


new lineup for tonight.

gload dh

we have to do something to show a little bit of runs.

Bull Pen Arm
To Seattle for:
Cliff Lee
and a

did someone say Bat and Seatle in the same sentence? That’s a joke. Not to mention that except for the past two games, our pitching hasnt been our problem. If we make a trade, based on this prolonged slump, it’s for a bat, not an arm

todays lineup

francisco dh

lets get fire going in the belly team.

fcrescenti: Not even close. In fact, it’s business as usual today in Boston.;_ylt=AsAVaOlnMbk280b17DACxH45nYcB?gid=300613102

You want Dobbs in the lineup? Hamels is a better hitter right now.

pherris: “The AL on the other hand just utilizes an everyday player as a pinch hitter when playing by NL rules.” Huh? When AL teams come to NL ballparks, they have to bat the pitcher, which is a decided disadvantage. You’re taking a huge offensive piece out of their lineup.
And yes, HRs aren’t the be-all-end-all. In fact, I think they’re overrated. It’s all about runs, and I don’t care how you produce them, just score.

And I love those proposed trades. As though Seattle would make that deal.

Muleman: what you say is true as far as having to bat the pitcher when AL plays in NL park. But I maintain that the AL will always have a stronger bench in those situations with their usual DH waiting on the bench. And I just cite the HRs because it is easy to use to debunk all of this AL superiority bullcrap.

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