Players Only Meeting, Another Loss

A veteran player Saturday said their players-only meeting should not be judged a success or failure based on Saturday’s score.

He said that before the game.

Good thing because the Red Sox clobbered the Phillies, 10-2, which followed Friday’s 12-2 clobbering. Things are bad for the Phillies. They are 7-16 since their 12-2 victory over Pittsburgh on May 17. That is the second-worst record in the National League and the third-worst record in baseball.

Only Baltimore (5-18) and Pittsburgh (7-17) have been worse.


More on the meeting here and here.


The Phillies have averaged 2.39 runs per game since May 17, which is last in baseball. That is nearly half-a-run worse than the Pirates, who rank 29th (2.83 runs per game). The pitching has been awful the past two games, overshadowing the fact the Phillies have scored just four runs in two games against the Red Sox.


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I do not know about all the others fans out there, but I think my head may explode very soon if this continues. I was so disgusted this weekend, I almost turned the TV off, which I never do. Blanton has been bad all year; at least Moyer has had some good games. Is it possible they can send Blanton to the minors to work on his issues and bring up Nate Bump or Figueroa or anyone with a heart beat? This is really disheartening. If they do not do something soon, 4th place is just around the corner.


Jenn….I guess you HAVE to watch. I don’t. I haven’t watched a game in a couple of weeks. Like you say, just too disheartening. I go to 20+ games at CBP. So right now, that’s enough of a Philly fix for me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not deserting the team! Just too hard to watch, from a championship team.

Something I thought was pretty interesting, and appropriate to bring up now…..About 6 weeks ago, when the Phils were playing good baseball, I was listening to a local sports talk show. I forget which one. I’ll ask my son when he gets home. But it was NOT Eskin! Anyway….The guy was talking about how all the media was saying the Phils will be back in the WS. This guy was a true fan, but doubted it. He brought up all the bad karma that hits every Philly team. And he thought the Phillies were due. Have to say, I agreed with him at the time. And even more so, now. (((sigh)))

Blanton only needs to rise to the level of his mediocre career to starting making a contribution. But if he keeps this up, or should I say down. Junior will be signing him to another contract extension.

Hmmm, I wonder what the meeting was about. I am assuming the guys were comparing notes about where they are planning to vacation this October. Maybe a few of them will vacation together in some small groups to take advantage of a group discount or something. If they were able to put some plans together then maybe it was a successful meeting.

They were so unwatchable yesterday, I was actually forced to watch soccer.

norma: I’m not a big fan of the whole Karma, they’r due or whatever supernatural reason one wants to assign. Plenty of teams win consistenly, and none of them are ever “due” to lose. More than anything:
I notice that Chase hasn’t hit a home run since May 20.
They struggle with AL teams because they don’t have the bench strength to insert a DH that is actually effective.
The Castro/Valdez combo cannot be your everyday shortstop and expect to be a great team.
They’re all getting older. It’s the oldest starting roster the team has put on the field in its history. Other teams have found a way to inject some young life into their roster, but this team re-signs mediocre players to long-term deals, yet continues to say they’re “restocking the farm system.” To what end? If you’re never going to call up a kid to take the place of a player who is struggling, what’s the point of having a farm system in the first place?
The Braves were close last year. They played well down the stretch, and it was only because the Phils had a sizable lead that it wasn’t completely eroded. This year, they may not have that luxury.
Meanwhile, the Braves, Marlin and Nationals have infused their lineups with great young talent. Where are all these “Re-stocked” prospects you supposedly got for our best pitcher?

Shake up this bunch of Sleeping Beauties.

Chase has barely hit ANYTHING since May 20th!

A players’ only meeting is a futile endeavor with this team. Do you really think anybody in that locker room is going to point a finger at Utley and insist on some answers about what’s up? Is he hurt or is he just frustrated? It in incumbent on somebody to find the truth. If he is hurt, he has to come clean because, at the #3 spot, he is dragging the whole team down with him. But nobody will do it.

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