Amaro: This is Our Team

Ruben Amaro Jr. chatted with reporters for more about 13 minutes today at Yankee Stadium.

Here are the highlights:

Q: Are you concerned?
A: I’m paid to be concerned. That’s my job. We’ve gone through a tough time, but it’s not like it’s the first time we’ve gone through a tough time since I’ve been in the front office. I think we’ll be OK. We’re concerned, yes. But I think we’ll be OK. We were (6-17) last June. Pretty horrendous.

Q: But the offense wasn’t struggling this much. That’s the difference, right?
A: Yeah, but I’d like to have this happen because I know we’re going to hit. I believe we’re going to hit. We’re not where we want to be obviously with the way we’ve played, but we will be, I think.

Q: Are you mystified at Chase Utley’s struggles?
A: Everybody is kind of a little bit confused by that, including him probably. But I think all of us know what Chase is. He’s a quality run producer and one of the best offensive players in the league. At the end of the day he’ll prove that to be the truth again.

Q: Raul Ibanez’s power numbers are down. Is there a chance he’s gotten old real quick?
A: What I think has happened, this is just my opinion, he’s still the first part of the season getting his legs underneath him. I think having a surgery – two surgeries like that – are pretty significant. I still think he’s getting his sea legs under him. I think he’s swinging the bat better of late.

Q: So you don’t see a slower bat?
A: I do not.

Q: The bench has struggled. Why? Is there a chance to upgrade?
A: I think Ben has been swinging the bat well. Dobb has had his struggles. I don’t know that Gload has played a lot, so it’s hard to get a rhythm. Obviously we want everybody to perform better. It’s got to start with the guys that are playing every day. That’s probably the most important thing. I’m actually OK with how the bench has played to be frank with you. It’s just as a team we have to play better baseball.

Q: And Dobbs?
A: He’s struggled. He’s had his struggles. There’s no question about it. But he’s not alone.

Q: Sounds like you’re in a stay the course mode?
A: We’re not making any major moves here. This is our team out here and they’ll be fine. If we get the guys healthy we’ll be fine.

Q: Why don’t you feel a shakeup would work?
A: Because the guys have track records and they’re good players and they’re championship-caliber players and they will be again. Do you dismiss the idea that you’ll make a deal of some substance? I don’t know if there’s anybody better than the players we … we have one of the best nine in the game. I’ll challenge anybody if they don’t think we have one of the best nine players on the field.

Q: Could you add starting pitching?
A: Pitching is always the issue. Everybody is always looking for the same thing. Again, a lot of it depends on how Happ progresses. We’ve got to get Madson back. I like our chances when both of those guys are back. It gives us quite a bit of depth, I think. We’ve got to get these guys healthy. That’s the most important element of what we need to do right now.


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“I’m actually okay with how the bench has played to be frank with you,” Ruben said………. Unless Ruben was lying, he must’ve known that the bench would really $UCK when he put the team together in the offseason.

Too many players are struggling. I saw some players at spring training that should get a look at coming up. Those that are struggling would do well to be reassigned. Phillies fans will not be happy long with all these uncertainties. As for pitching I think the Phillies made a big mistake letting Cliff Lee depart, even he was surprized, he wanted to stay. The Phillies front office wants its cake and eat it too. Pitching has been a sore spot now for a second consecutive season. Thinking that Halladay will carry the staff has holes in it theories. The Phillies tried that in 1964 with Jim Bunning. It did not work then and will not work now. I remain prepared to boo.

todays lineup


can contreras still start games. i would try him out today. instead of moyer.

Roy “The Franchise” Halladay is proving to be quite pedestrian. Isn’t he? I think it is about time for Junior to reward him and extend his contract. Do you think Seattle will take back the turkeys they gave up for Lee? Hey, maybe they need to “restock ” their farm system. Wait a minute, “restocking the farm system” that’s Juniors specialty.

How is Madson doing? Is he close to coming back soon?

This team is breaking my heart. Getting harder and harder to watch these games. They seemed to have lost their bravado/confidence at the plate. Even the fielding at times has been suspect. Home plate umpire was not kind to either pitcher last night. Its weird how as of late they have one or two innings where it seems like they might be clicking on all cylinders and then suddenly POOF its gone for the rest of the game.

This “slump” is unprecedented so it makes me wonder if the good start to this season is the anomaly and the way the team is playing now is actually the norm. It’s nice to see Halladay rocked by two teams (NYY and BOS) that he supposedly could handle. Nothing going well for this team. On the other hand, our pitchers have no chance – they usually have to pitch a shutout to win and still no guarantee. Cliff Lee would be no better at this point.

peanut: Madson went on the 60-day DL on May 9, so some simple math would tell me he is at least 3 weeks away plus rehab.

[June 15] “Pitching is always the issue,” Amaro said. “Everybody is always looking for the same thing. Again, a lot of it depends on how [left-hander J.A.] Happ progresses. We’ve got to get [setup man Ryan] Madson back.
“I like our chances when both of those guys are back. It gives us quite a bit of depth, I think. We’ve got to get these guys healthy. That’s the most important element of what we need to do right now.”

muleman: your post is time-stamped at 11:55 AM while my computer clock indicates that it is 11:19 AM here in NJ. Let me know, hould I buy or sell gold in the next half hour?

Pherris: You have to buy/sell via this blog only. THe time has been screwed up all year. ‘Bout time you noticed/ Enough of the Lee stuff. Unless he’s going to hit .300+ and knock in runs, he’s not going to help this team right now. THe pitching has been the only bright spot the last month.

Doc Halliday is anything BUT Pedestrian. You measure a ML pitcher more by his ERA and Walk to strikeout ratio. than by his record . Most educated fans know that. They need to get Jimmy back. He changed the mentality of the Phillies to that of winners. He’ll do it again.
In the meantime, this team needs an infusion of youth and enthusiam to be blended in . D. Brown ( and I’m not buying that he isn’t ready excuse) can be used to spell Ibanez with Dobbs being cut or re designated for assignment. Ibanez then goes into Dobbs’ slot as Brown receives more playing time. Ibanez can then be traded in the offseason as the Phillies pay 50% of his salary.
In addition, consider bringing up Scott Mathieson to help the Bullpen. Making room on the 25 man roster will be tricky BUT Amaro is paid to figure this stuff out.
Now , you have gotten better and younger without making a ” Major” move.

Dolf: If they make a move like that and bring up a bat, it will be Mayberry. He only figures to be at best a 4th OF in teh majors, so no big deal if he sits on teh bench loads. WIth Brown you want him playing every day, ready or not (and he’s not ready to start in teh majors yet). Whether Mayberry is a better option then DObbs, depends on how important it is to have someone who can play 1b and 3b as well as OF as apposed to someone who can play just OF. Personally, with the other bench players, I don’t see why we need DObbs, but I’m not the GM

pherrisphain, you posts are starting to look more and more like infamous havaiwill’s. Next you’ll be calling Todd Ruben’s PR man……

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