World Series Rematch! (Or Not)

rivera.jpgGrowing up a Green Bay Packers fan, I remember the Packers playing the Denver Broncos in an exhibition game in the summer following their loss to Denver in the Super Bowl. I read headlines touting it as a Super Bowl rematch, like beating the Broncos in a meaningless exhibition game would erase the Super Bowl loss.

I feel the same way about this week’s Phillies-Yankees series.

This is the first time the Phillies have played the Yankees since the World Series. It is not a World Series rematch. You only have a World Series rematch if you’re playing, you know, in the World Series.

But it is an important series. The Phillies need to get straightened out, and quickly. The Phillies have 12 more games against the American League before they return to National League play. They play three this week in New York before returning home to play three against the Twins, three against the Indians and three against the Blue Jays. That is a tough schedule, considering how the Phillies are playing and how poorly they play historically against the American League.

Here’s a look at the other interleague schedules for the other NL East teams (teams with losing records in bold):

Braves: vs. Rays, vs. Royals, at White Sox, vs. Tigers.
Mets: at Indians, at Yankees, vs. Tigers, vs. Twins.
Marlins: vs. Rangers, vs. Rays, at Orioles.
Nationals: at Tigers, vs. White Sox, vs. Royals, @ Orioles.

The Braves, Marlins and Mets are three of the five NL teams to have winning records in interleague play. If that holds true and the Phillies continue to struggle, they could find themselves in a deep hole by the time interleague is over. Time to get going.


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Thanks Todd. The “World Series Rematch” talk is for TV and to try to sell newspapers. Some of us know better.

As for the schedule, I seem to remember the Orioles coming here and sweeping the Phillies in 3 games. So much for any schedule advantage.
For the most part, sports are cyclical. Most of the teams on your list have been up and down over recent years, so any perceived unbalance in the schedule is temporary.
Besides, how do you think the Royals, White Sox and Tigers feel about having to play the Braves instead of the tomato cans in their own division?

The Orioles sweep was in 2009, of course, but they were still bad.

I am confident that they can win tonight, but the pitching matchups for the next two games are a certified joke. So, of course, they will probably lose tonight and win the other two. It’s baseball.

They dont play the Orioles this year, I think you meant to say the Indians.

Keeping my fingers crossed that they’ve come full circle and by beating the knuckleballer Wakefield they’ve snapped out of this funk. Also let’s hope they give the good Doctor a bit of run support. Seems many of his wins have been with less than 3 runs.

karen: In Halladay’s last 6 starts, the Phils have scored a total of 11 runs. They scored 41 in his first 7 starts.
He has won 4 games on 3 runs or less and lost 5 when the Phils have scored 3 or less.

So Halladay has lost 5 games when the Phillies have scored 3 runs or less. So what? It is apparent that he has given up too many runs. Whenever I hear rants from pitcher apologists, I can’t help but think of Steve Carlton in 1972.

Who’s apologizing? I was merely presenting the numbers that Karen brought up. Has he given up too many runs? His ERA is 1.96, and only 4 runs have been unearned. Pitchers need run support. Alert the media.
Take a pill.

muleman: Thanks for the stats. I knew run production was a bit low recently for Halladay.

LOL. Yeah, pherris. Halladay has sucked. He was awful last week when he gave up that run to the Marlins. Way too may runs. Hell, he pitched a perfecto against them the week before.

What a strange question. How much support does ANY pitcher need while they’re pitching a perfect game? Is the word perfect relevant here?
I used to think computers were complicated, but when I read comments like that I realize that computers are indeed as simple as some of the people who operate them.
Write. Click. Repeat.

muleman: How much run support did Halladay need when he won the perfect game?
phan52: You are such a moron. Evidently giving up one run was one run too many in a 1-0 ballgame. Wouldn’t you agree?
The Yankees now lead the Phillies 2-0 with the great Roy Halladay pitching.

This site needs to work on its time-stamp technology.

Phillies Record Prior to Binoculars incident: 20-13
Since MLB’s cease and desist: 12-16

The game’s a lot harder when you can’t cheat.

World f-ing champs.

Todd, if you want phans to hate you, keep including pictures of the ’09 WSC Yankees or the ’86 Mets.

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