OMG! OMG! OMG! Pedro! Pedro! Pedro!

Thumbnail image for martinez 1028.jpgSo I woke up this morning to learn that everybody has Pedro Martinez fever.


Apparently because Ruben Amaro Jr. said they are not negotiating with Martinez. Confused? Yeah, so am I. During yesterday’s interview at Yankee Stadium, somebody asked Amaro if they were still talking with Martinez. He said they were, but that is nothing new. The Phillies have had an open line of communication with Martinez for months. But Amaro stressed they are not negotiating with Martinez. He also said they don’t even know if Martinez has been throwing. (Not sure about that, but the “not negotiating” part is the important thing here.)

But after a report made it sound like the Phillies were talking about bringing him back, all hell broke loose. The Phillies are waiting for J.A. Happ to come back. They think he will. If he comes back and pitches like they hope he can pitch, there is less need for Martinez. If Jamie Moyer struggles like he struggled last year, then Martinez creeps back into the picture again.

Could Martinez be back with the Phillies at some point this season? It’s possible, but it’s certainly not imminent.


Chatted for about a minute with Chase Utley yesterday, which is about all one gets. Asked him if he’s been able to put a finger on why he’s been struggling so much the past month. “No,” he said. OK, but he’s certainly aware that whenever he struggles people start wondering if he is hurt. “Of course they do,” he said. So, is he hurt? “As far as I know I’m healthy, yes,” he said.

I’ve been told Utley is healthy, so if that’s true that’s Utley’s way of saying, “I’m tired of these silly questions. Move along.”


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I’m all for paging Dr. Pedro. If he could do what he did last season its a win-win.

It’ would be nice to know that Pedro’s on the back burner if we need him, no?

It’ would be nice to know that Pedro’s on the back burner if we need him, no?

It’ would be nice to know that Pedro’s on the back burner if we need him, no?

barbward: No, no, no. A response to all 3 of your comments.

If Pedro is their best-case scenario, I weep for the future of their farm system. Just as with their pathetic bench, if they don’t have any pitcher in their farm system that can come up and help them, then they’re in bad shape. Their starters are all in their 30s, and if it takes reaching out to Pedro for help in June, then maybe they’re in worse shape then they’re letting on?

As for Chase, it’s interesting to me that a player in today’s media-enhanced game can still be so private and apparently not care whether he speaks out loud or not. We love him, but not nearly as much as we would if he’d let us inside once in a while. It isn’t in some guys, and it’s funny the way the media continues to try to draw him out. He’s steadfast. I just wish he’d hit a little.

That poor old man Moyer is about to get lit up tonight.

What a shame for evilempire that one cannot delete comments.

Moyer giving what we expected from Doc last night. The offense is still sputtering as Burnett should’ve been hammered. Right now, only 6 hits and 10 left on base.

thumpbump: So, it all evens out then? 🙂
Every once in a while, Shane reminds me why I call him a stupid player. He does an awful lot of things on the field that make me shake my head.

Screw Pedro! Let’s no go down this road again. How did it work out last year?

I think it all depends on what kind of shape Pedro’s in and if he’s been pitching anywhere in Latin America. Also, how fast , I mean slow, is his fastball nowadays? We already have one Jamie Moyer. Two in a series won’t fool any team….

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