Turning Things Around?

howard 0617 2010.jpg

The Phillies were stuck in an 8-17 slump before Jamie Moyer beat the Yankees last night and Kyle Kendrick beat them tonight. The Phillies took 2 of 3 from the Yankees. It’s just their second series victory since May 15-17, when they swept the Brewers in Milwaukee. They finished 3-3 on a road trip that couldn’t have started worse with Moyer allowing nine runs in one-plus inning Friday in Boston and Joe Blanton allowing nine runs in four innings Saturday.

It has been a grueling stretch, but maybe this is a sign of a turnaround.

We won’t know that until the Phillies finish their nine-game home stand against the Twins, Indians and Blue Jays. But the Phillies have looked a little looser the last couple games. It’s not why they won, but I thought it was interesting that Chase Utley, who rarely shows his sense of humor to the outside world, tried to loosen up the clubhouse. He arranged bats, fruits, batting gloves, vitamins, a can of Red Bull and a tin of chewing tobacco in a crop circle-like pattern next to his locker before last night’s game. Then in a nod to the movie Major League, a Darth Maul bobble head, a miniature bottle of rum and a shot glass full of rum sat in the locker next to his before Thursday’s game.

“I think it was like a couple years ago (in the 2008 World Series) when Charlie put the rubber ducks in everybody’s locker,” Ryan Howard said. “Just try to loosen everybody up and play. Right now it’s whatever works.”


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I really believe that Blanton is going to get it together at some point, and tonight would be a good time to start. The guy they are facing (Blackburn) doesn’t appear to be anything special.

Just like the fans of other teams drool when they think about Moyer pitching. The laugh when mentioning the times Moyer gets pasted, forgetting all the gems he has pitched. And maybe I haven’t been paying attention but it seems to me he is doing it without any umpire help. But then again maybe all the so called help is just a figment of Chris Wheelers imagination. Can that guy beat a dead horse or what? We can only only that since he has beat it so much he has the decency to bury the carcass.

I don’t know, pherris. Moyer’s last two starts are examples of how he needs the umpire to a degree. Granted his location was better the other day, but it wasn’t a whole lot worse in Boston. He wasn’t getting the corners and once he got behind in the count and had to throw real strikes, they nailed him.
There really is no middle ground with the guy. Players with better stuff, like Halladay and Hamels, can grind it out when they don’t have ther best stuff on a given day. Moyer doesn’t have that luxury.

phan52: I have no doubt what you say is true. Most of the time I doing something else while watching the game and tending not to pay attention unless the Phillies are at bat. But the fact remains Jamie only threw 107 pitches in 8 innings and the Yankees evidently could not figure him out. If the umpires gave him latitude it is not as apparent as it has been in the past. Moyer’s mastery of the Marlins has always been embarrassing to me considering what the strike zone has been in many of those games.

Utley is finally admitting that he is hurt and that he has been hindered by a knee problem. Or I should say, somebody else (Lopes) has admitted that he is hurt. Lopes blew the whistle in an interview with Baseball Prospectus….


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