Dobbs Out, Ruiz DL, Rollins Back, Zagurski Back

The Phillies just announced they have designated Greg Dobbs for assignment.

They also placed Carlos Ruiz on the 15-day disabled list with a concussion, activated Jimmy Rollins from the DL and recalled Mike Zagurski. Scott Mathieson also has been optioned to Triple-A Lehigh Valley. This means the Phillies bench is Juan Castro, Wilson Valdez, Brian Schneider, Ross Gload and Ben Francisco.

I’m not completely shocked the Phillies designated Dobbs. He has struggled. He is hitting just .152 with one homer and six RBIs, and is just 1-for-25 as a pinch-hitter. I’ll get the details on the DFA, but if he is not traded and clears waivers I believe the Phillies could outright him to Triple-A where he could play regularly, get at-bats and possibly rejoin the Phillies once he’s hitting better.


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Sorry to see Dobbs go, but it had to be done, he wasn’t contributing anything. Surprized they called up Zagurski and not Mathieson, unles te\hey couldn’t because he was just DFA’ed. WHen is Ruiz eligible to return? DId they back date it to his last game played? If so he’s been out 5 days or so already if I’m not mstaken

FOr some reason, this didn’t post the first time. I’m sorry to see DObbs go, but he hasn’t contributed anything for over a season. THis means that there is no one left on the bench from the ’08 WS champion team. I am a bit surprised they brought up Zagurski and not Mathieson, unless they couldn’t since he was DFA’d a few days ago. I assume that they backdated Ruiz’s DL to the last game he played. He should be eligible in 10 days or so this means.

Not surprised by this news, but feel bad for Dobbs since he seems like a decent guy. Hope Chooch’s stay on the DL is short.

What Karen said. LOL!
And I sure hope that Schneider learns to call a better game. That’s where we’re going to miss Chooch the most.

This is bad news. Chooch is a big part of the team, so we get one piece back (JRoll) for who knows how long, and lose another. I understand the Dobbs move and it’s necessary to have both Valdez and castro on the roster because JRoll should be handled with a lot of caution until he proves he is healthy.

I told you guys that Dobbs was the one who had to go. My only fear is that I’m starting to agree with Amaro. Not sure that is a good thing.

I have never been a big fan of Jamie Moyer but he has been impressive in his last several starts, getting all what one would expect from the back end of the rotation. This is not to say Jamie has been pitching like he is the back end of the rotation. But anything he does above a .500 record and 6 or 7 innings is a bonus. I wonder if the Phillies are starting to look at him as a candidate for a contract extension?

Dobbs definitely had to go. Now that I think about it, who would want to pick him up on waivers at his salary? He may decide that going to LV is a good career move to get his swing back. He’ll still get paid the big bucks and he won’t get any AB’s on a ML roster right now.

Pherris, not even in jest suggest an expension for Moyer. We need to find room in the rotation for some of our younger arms (Kendrick who has been as good as Jamie this year, Happ, Carpenter etc. No place for a 48 year old

good game phillies!

I’d take an extension for Moyer over Carpenter. They don’t have any decent pitching in the high minors. Anybody decent is a couple of years away.
No good news about Happ yet. The Phillies front offce is not pleased with his progress.

Extension for Moyer????? Is this the Twilight ZoZone?

9-1-8-8 That is the number of innings Jamie has pitched in his June starts. One bad game out of 4, I’ll take it any day. I’ll take 2 out of four for a #5 starter. Moyer is 3-1 in June while Halladay is 1-3. And, in his three wins, Jamie has only given up 6 runs while Halladay has given up 10 runs in his 3 losses.

phan: ” who would want to pick him up on waivers at his salary?” Dobbs makes $1,350,000. That’s not nearly as big a problem for potential teams as his .152 batting average. If he could hit, he would be a bargain at that price.

According to Todd’s former employer, Happ is scheduled to make another rehab start in Reading tonight. Reportedly, he had some elbow tightness in his last outing. That, and his 8.71 ERA (11 hits in just over 10 innings) doesn’t sound like we can pencil him into the rotation any time soon.

And whom do you take out when he comes back?

I hope for Dobb’s sake that he’s able to go to the LV and try and get his groove back.

Happ needs to have some better outings than he’s had so far. I know that often times its like his “spring training” but he’s been awful. As to whom you remove from the rotation, I’d say if Big Joe B doesn’t improve he suddenly goes on the DL. He’s really been the weakest link so far.

Just as I wrote my comment I see on that Dobbs has cleared waivers and will report to LV.

muleman, you answered your own query with your comment about his .152 BA, without even mentioning his 1-25 as a pinch hitter.
And I don’t think we have to worry about who Happ will replace. I am betting that he get’s surgery because he is still having the same issues of ‘tightness’ in his elbow and forearm. He’s hurt.

Happ went five innings, giving up 7 hits and 3 earned runs. Not great. I just saw a box score so I don’t know any details about velocity or how many pitches he threw.

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