Rollins Likely to Be Activated Today

Jimmy Rollins could return to the Phillies lineup tonight.

I assume he will be activated before tonight’s series opener against the Indians. Whose place does he take on the 25-man roster? There are a few options:

1. Carlos Ruiz or Dane Sardinha. If testing hasn’t gone well for Ruiz, who got hit in the head with a bat Friday, they could place him on the DL. If Ruiz is healthy and ready to return to the field, Sardinha could go.
2. Wilson Valdez or Juan Castro. The reason is obvious here. Valdez took Rollins’ place on the roster — twice. He could be odd man out again. But Charlie Manuel clearly favors Valdez over Castro. They always could release Castro, but that seems pretty risky to me considering Rollins has been able to stay healthy for just 12 games this season. If they lose Valdez or Castro and Rollins got hurt a third time, they would be looking at bringing up Brian Bocock or Freddy Galvis. Not exactly ideal for a team trying to return to the World Series.
3. Somebody else. They’ve surprised me before.


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Really? Sending off Dobbs would surprise you? Really?

Castro gives nothing that Valdez doesn’t give. CLearly Valdez is the better option as back-up infielder at this point. The problem is what happens if JRoll gets hurt again. If Castro can go to minors, that is the best option, if not, say goodbye to DObbs who offers nothing at this point. Castro can play 3B if needed (as can Valdez), !b can be filled by Utley while either Castro or Valdez takes over 2B, and we have enought OFers. What Dobbs is supposed to offer is a bat, but that’s been MIA for 1 1/2 seasons already

Having Valdez and Castro as your everyday shortstop isn’t ideal for a team planning a return to the World Series either. But Jimmy’s questionable health necessitates them keeping both of them and making a move somewhere else. With 3+ months remaining, they have to plan on losing Jimmy again, as difficult as that sounds.
Of course, losing your starting catcher isn’t ideal either. If it was my decision, I’d let Dobbs go. He doesn’t help and his .153 average against right-handed pitching negates his batting from the left side.

This ballclub has several problems to address.

I am sure Junior will figure out what is best for the Phillies then do the opposite.

muleman: I like your idea of letting Dobbs go. Valdez & Castro have been very reliable defensively. And who knows, Valdez may be having the season of his career (offensively) since he’s hit TWO dingers in the last couple of games and that hasn’t happened in several years🙂

As we all know the bullpen is where they need much help. I know Madson is likely to return after the all-star break, but who knows how reliable he’ll be coming off the DL. Lidge makes me nervous even though it’s only one blown save (but whata big one!).

pherris: I didn’t like the Baez signing when it happened. I saw enough of him in Baltimore to know what to expect – and he has met my expectations.
Perhaps Amaro’s best moves were when Pat Gillick was looking over his shoulder and (no doubt) helping the process along? Now that he is left on his own we’ll see what sort of help he can bring the club as July 31 approaches.

If the Mets wind up with Cliff Lee there could be trouble on Citizens Bank Way.

karen: It boils down to who best helps you win, and I don’t think Dobbs fits that definition.

Isn’t it amazing that the Philies need help in the bullpen? Contrares and Baez, what sieves. To add insult to injury, Baez is signed through next year. Way to go Junior.

Contrares is a decent signing. FOr someone who never was in teh pen before, really he’s doing fine. He’ll be a fine 7th inning guy. OUr problem is that our 8th inning guy is out, our closer is not fully there, yet, and Bastardo is out. I can’t wait until the pen is at full stregnth for a whole week

pherrisphain, you have become a broken record. The only thing you post is complaints about Ruben. Since no one is responding to those posts, I have to believe they are ignoring you. Try to post one comment that isn’t about Ruben. Bet you can’t…..

erichh1: funny, no one responds but you always manage to do so.

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