Moyer Sets MLB Home Run Record, Throws 4,000 Innings

moyer 0627 2010.jpg

Jamie Moyer set a Major League record today, when he allowed the 506th home run of his career in the third inning at Citizens Bank Park.

Moyer allowed a two-run home run to Blue Jays centerfielder Vernon Wells. Robin Roberts, who had held the all-time home runs allowed record since he retired in 1966, moved to second place with 505.

A few Moyer home run facts:

  • He allowed his first home run June 23, 1986, at Veterans Stadium against Phillies second baseman Juan Samuel. He allowed a home run to Phillies third baseman Mike Schmidt in the same game, which was the second start of Moyer’s career.
  • Moyer has allowed homers to 322 batters.
  • He has allowed a homer in 42 ballparks.
  • He has allowed seven grand slams and one inside-the-park homer.
  • Manny Ramirez has hit 10 home runs against Moyer, more than any other player. Behind Ramirez are Carlos Delgado (eight), Bernie Williams (seven), Eric Chavez (six), Alex Rodriguez (six) and Frank Thomas (six).
  • Joe Randa has 48 at-bats against Moyer without a home run. No player has more at-bats against Moyer without homering. Behind Randa are Roberto Alomar (47 at-bats), Adam Kennedy (42), Tony Fernandez (41), Mike Bordick (40) and Shannon Stewart (40).
  • He has allowed 15 homers against the Phillies: Lance Parrish (four), Schmidt (two), Luis Aguayo (two), Lenny Dysktra (one), Ron Jones (one), Chris James (one), Von Hayes (one), John Russell (one), Rick Schu (one) and Samuel (one).

But Moyer also became just the 40th pitcher in baseball history to throw 4,000 innings. A pretty remarkable accomplishment. Moyer is pitching remarkably well these days. He is 6-4 with a 3.66 ERA in his last 10 starts, which includes two runs in seven innings today against Toronto. Remove Moyer’s June 11 start in Boston — nine runs in one inning, the worst start of his career — and Moyer has a 2.48 ERA since May 2.

Some people have kicked around the idea that Moyer could make the NL All-Star team. I don’t think he’s there yet, although he is tied for fourth in the National League with nine wins. Ubaldo Jimenez has 13. Mike Pelfrey and Adam Wainwright have 10. Roy Halladay, Chris Carpenter, Derek Lowe and Moyer have nine.

But Moyer ranks 33rd out of 55 pitchers in the NL with a 4.30 ERA. There are 13 pitchers with an ERA under 3.00. There are 34 pitchers with an ERA under 3.50. Wins are important, but ERA is a much better indicator of a pitcher’s overall performance. Wins are dependent on so many factors: run support, bullpen, etc. Halladay should have at least two or three more wins this season, but because of poor run support doesn’t. I think in “The Year of the Pitcher” that Moyer needs to get his ERA under 4.00 to get into serious consideration.


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Yay, Jamie!!!! Just proves his longevity. Something he should be very proud of!

How wonderful it has been to see JM battle back from the pen and surgeries in the off-season to be such an awesome competitor this season. Nice to see JRoll, Vic and Ben hitting the ball well and some stellar D from Jayson today. Dane Sardinha doing a nice job at the plate too in Chooch’s absence. Hope to see our DL guys back in action soon.

Jamie’s had me eating crow the past couple of months and it’s never tasted so good. I’m proud of the old man.

I had been wondering what Jamie’s ERA might be like if we took out the Boston stat, so that’s for posting that Zo. 2.48 is amazing. Right now, the man is on a tear. And it looks like our offense if back on track too.

And it took Jamie 24 seasons to do what Roberts did in 19, so it’s all about just being in the game. I guess I don’t know why it’s such a big deal.

Hamels since 2007: 45-32 .711 winning percentage.
Moyer since 2007: 50-35 .700 winning percentage.

The graphic put up during the game showed that of the top five players in the career allowed HRs category, there is Moyer at the top followed by 4 Hall of Famers. It is impressive that Moyer has pitched 32 out of a possible 36 innings over his last four starts. Talking about an innings eater. It is possible he will hit the half-season mark with 10 wins.

muleman: Hamels- 45 wins out of 77 decisions equals .585
Moyer —50 wins out of 85 decisions equals .588

so typical of Reverend Zolecki to be using statistics mindlessly in the most negative manner to diss Moyer, once again. You soooo conveniently left out the fact that if you take out just that one bad outing against Boston, then Moyer would indeed have a very “respectable” ERA. You sound like “LisaTrueFan” in mindlessly, like a stat robot, claiming that ERA is a “much better indicator” of a pitcher’s worth — better than wins. Riiiiight. So this is “like” back when the Phillies were in the depths of the slump and you mindlessly repeated Manuel’s Lombardi UN-nonsense about “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you lose.”

One more thing about Moyer, he’s thoroughly dominated the Yankees TWICE this year. Name me ANY other NL pitching leader who’s done that this year? How about once? (the two include that last pre-season appearance — and don’t go telling us preseason is irrelevant since you just did a story hyping Hamels pre-season starts)

Let me ask you a question havaiwill…
What is a better indication of Roy Halladay’s performance to date, his ERA or his W-L record? Frankly, the fact that he and Moyer have the same amount of victories is ludicrous.

Shame Moyer didn’t make it to the All-Star Game. Maybe he might be a late fill-in for an injured player. Funny thing, if he had quit back in 1992, he’d NEVER be considered for Anaheim, or for that matter, Cooperstown. Still, he has shown good numbers lately…aside from his fumble at Pittsburgh and his meltdown at Boston.

Shame Moyer didn’t make it to the All-Star Game. Maybe he might be a late fill-in for an injured player. Funny thing, if he had quit back in 1992, he’d NEVER be considered for Anaheim, or for that matter, Cooperstown. Still, he has shown good numbers lately…aside from his fumble at Pittsburgh and his meltdown at Boston.

Shame Moyer? I thought his name was Jamie.
Cooperstown? Don’t get me started.

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