The Slump Is Over

werth triple.jpgSomebody asked Charlie Manuel yesterday if the Phillies’ slump is over.

Yes, it is.

The Phillies have scored 75 runs in 11 games since they lost to the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium on June 15. Only the Rangers have scored more runs (77) in that span. The Phillies and Red Sox lead the Majors with 18 home runs in that time. The Phillies rank eighth in hitting (.274), sixth in on-base percentage (.342), third in slugging percentage (.483) and third in OPS (.825). All those numbers mean the Phillies have been the hottest offense in the National League for nearly two weeks.

They just need to keep it going. They’re 2 1/2 games behind the Braves in the NL East. They play the NL Central-leading Reds beginning tonight in Cincinnati. (On a side note: I’m staying at a Courtyard across the river in Covington, Kentucky. There is a hot tub three feet from my bed. I would like to meet the architect who thought that was a good idea.) The Phillies play the lowly Pirates in a four-game series this weekend in Pittsburgh.


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Thanks for sharing that side note Todd. LOL
It’s so great to see these numbers coming from the Phils. It’s great to be a Phillies fan but then it’s always great no matter what goes down. Hope that both Ruiz and Polanco get healthy soon. I miss these guys playing as I’m sure their team mates do as well.
Here’s to their continued success on the road. Go Phils! Barb

That’s no ordinary hot tub – it’s a hot tub time machine!

I’ve stayed in rooms like that, with a hot tub near the bed. I figured, why not bring the toilet in here too and get it over with?

Meanwhile: From today?s Inquirer:
Ben Francisco started in left field while Raul Ibanez was the DH. Manuel indicated he may give Francisco more playing time, perhaps even at the expense of Ibanez.
“I like Ben’s bat,” Manuel said. “You’re always looking for somebody to produce and you never know. The more you hit, the more playing time you’re going to get and you can beat people out. [Ryan] Howard, [Shane] Victorino, they proved you can beat people out.”

Hmmm ? Sounds to me like Charlie is saying that Ben has a shot at being the starting left fielder. Is that a bad thing?

Hey, Todd, rooms with hot tubs, baseball games every day. What are you going to do when you grow up and have to get a real job?

Playing Francisco is not a bad idea as long as he continues to hit the ball as he did yesterday. But it seems that Ibanez is awakening from his funk and this just may be a ploy by Charlie to stoke the fire under Ibanez. Regardless, maybe not a bad idea to give Ibanez more rest and Francisco more playing time to avoid what happened to Dobbs.

There was a really nice article about Ibanez in yesterday’s paper about his dedication to his game playing and hitting. I don’t think we should count him out yet. I agree that Ibanez is awakening from his funk. He’s working on it hard and every day. Barb

Francisco had a nice day yesterday, but one day doesn’t make a player. He really hasn’t done much sonce he got here and I would hate to see Ibanez lose at-bats when he appears to be coming out of it a little. Ibanez is a better hitter than Francisco. You could look it up.

Todd: Living la vida loca!

Francisco had a good day yesterday. Fouled off some monster hits. Moyer is simply amazing!

When the Phils go into slumps, it usually comes from swinging early on off-speed stuff, trying to pull the ball. I’ve watched a lot of baseball games in my life, and when the conversation of slumps comes up, invariably the solution put forth by the analyst in the briadcast booth is to try to hit the ball up the middle…or even the other way. Our lefties in the line-up seems to suffer the most against soft-tossing southpaws. Why don’t they grasp the concept of taking these guys the other way? My God, we have the ultimate soft-tosser sitting in the dugout. When does Moyer run into problems? When the other team stays back and doesn’t try to do too much with it. Hopefully, the guys will remember this next year when the annual May-June swoon starts to infests the line-up, resulting in a shorter span of futility.

Todd: (to take that sidenote a little further)…The Country Inns and Suites near there has cookies available at the front desk on your way in and out. Thankfully, no hot tubs in the rooms. Be sure to check out The Creation Museum and also Mr. Herbs while in the area – a little podunk outta the way place but good food, great prices, fun people.

muleman: the toilet too? ha! please don’t give them any ideas!

Looking forward to getting back to 1st place b4 the ASB. Thankfully, this slump appears to be in the rearview mirror.

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