Utley Injures Thumb

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Chase Utley said a couple weeks ago an injury is an injury only if it keeps him off the field.

Well, Utley could not take the field in the ninth inning tonight night in a 7-3 loss to the Reds at Great American Ball Park. He injured his right thumb sliding into second base, trying to stretch a single into a double in the fourth inning. He remained in the game until the ninth inning when he had difficulty gripping the bat. Juan Castro pinch-hit for him.

How serious is it? The Phillies said they will know more tomorrow after Utley has a MRI.

“But for him to leave a game … that’s the last guy that’s going to take himself out of a game,” Shane Victorino said. “He’s obviously hurting. I hope he’s not seriously hurt.”

Utley has been on the disabled list just once in his career: 2007, when a pitch broke his right wrist, forcing him to miss a month of the season. He played through a hip injury in 2008, which required surgery less than a month following the World Series. Phillies first base coach Davey Lopes caused a stir earlier this month when he told Baseball Prospectus that Utley had been playing on an injured right knee. Utley, who loathes questions about injuries, said he was not hurt.

In fact, Utley has hit .395 (15-for-38) with one double, one triple, one home run and 11 RBIs in 10 games since he told everybody his knee, while admittedly sore on occasion, wasn’t bothering him enough to keep him from the lineup.

Utley certainly could show up at the ballpark tomorrow and say it is nothing serious. The Phillies could use the break. Jimmy Rollins, Brad Lidge, Joe Blanton, J.C. Romero, J.A. Happ, Ryan Madson, Carlos Ruiz, Chad Durbin and Antonio Bastardo each have been on the disabled list this season. Placido Polanco and Juan Castro also have missed time, but have avoided the DL.

“Hopefully it’s not a big injury, but we’ve kind of been bitten by that bug a little bit,” Ryan Howard said. “This entire year guys are banged up. We’ve got to find a way to try to weather the storm and make it into the All-Star break and get a couple days to kind of relax and rejuvenate the spirits and the soul.”


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Looking at the AAA Ironpigs 2nd basemen replacements in case Utley does go down you have Melvin Dorta. Dorta has been hot lately for the Pigs. He’s hitting .312 (highest currently on the team) and recently had a 13 game hitting streak. He’s adequate at 2nd base with 6 errors but overall looks capable to fill in for a few days if needed. Granted no Chase Utley.. probably not Wilson Valdez.. but he seems to be their option if needed.

If Utley is out for any leagnth of time the phillies have answers without calling up anyone. Castro and Veldez can play 2B as well as Polanco (former All star 2nd baseman) with Castro at 3b instead. Unfortunately, no one is going to give the same return as CHase. Let;s hope its nothing major and just sore for a day or so and he’s back by the end of the series.

Yikes is right. I like the statements made by both Victorino and Howard though. It states what the Phis must do in order to power through this nasty negative energy that is surrounding them this whole season. Overcoming their adversity will show their true strength of character. I have no doubt of this teams fortitude and strength to succeed. Barb

If Utley and Polanco need to go on the DL for any significant time, it would seem unlikely that the Phils can make a significant post-season run based on a depleted minor league system and an inability to add significant payroll, IF even a GOOD position player was available. If the season would playout this way, the LAST thing I’d want Amaro to do would be to trade D. Brown in a package to acquire a quick fix type veteran pitcher or position player just to pacify the whims of the ” win Now” segment of Phillies nation. That would be creating a future disaster to add to a present day disaster.

YIKES! A another bit of bad karma has one again showed its ugly head. Let’s hope its nothing too serious.

The thing that worries me, is the same thing that worried the whole team. Chase, took HIMSELF out of the game. Remember ’07, when he played 4 innings with a broken hand, and never wimpered?
It must be the curse of never making it to the WS 3 years in a row. My prediction? All of Charlie’s initial starting line-up will be on the DL, or at least miss a chunk of time, this season.

Boy that play was a double whammy……first of all Chase was out and then hurt his thumb. The announcers did comment on him not getting up right away, however he did appear to be talking to the ump about the play.

Norma: I hope your prediction is wrong!

Karen…Who’s left, but Howard, Werth, and Victorino? And I think Vic missed a couple of days.
There’s only been FIVE games, that the Opening Day line-up has played.

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