Leader in the Clubhouse

front t-shirt.jpg

back t-shirt.jpg

Jamie Moyer allowed his 506th career home run in his last start, which set a Major League record.

The team made t-shirts to honor the accomplishment.


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter. His Phillies book “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” is available online, and at Delaware Valley bookstores!


Ten years from now, Ryan Howard will have another t-shirt made for him – maximum strikeouts ever!

These shirts are great!

If Strasburg gets picked for the ASG over Jame, I’ll scream.

If Mark Reynolds stays healthy and remains a full-time player, he’ll end up with the strikeout record. So don’t worry.

-Zack (aka “The Baseball Collector”)

newphillyphan: and your point is? It doesn’t matter that over 162 game season Howard has a .281 BA with an average of 47 Hrs and 147 RBIs per season?

Is there any way for a fan to get one of these shirts?

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