Amaro Talks Trades

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for amaro.jpgRuben Amaro Jr.
spoke with reporters before the game about finding infield and pitching help.

Here is what he said:

Q: Looking for help at second base or third base?
A: We’ve talked to several clubs on a many different fronts, not just addressing that particular issue. We’ve talked to a lot of clubs about some other possibilities, too. We’ve been pretty pro-active. Again, trades are not easy and acquiring players are not easy. Again, we have to assess what our needs are going to be two or three weeks from now, too. Because we’re going to get (Placido) Polanco back. The prognosis on him is pretty good. We should get him back in two or three weeks. The fact that Chase (Utley) is going to get his stitches out in a couple weeks and in five weeks he’ll be doing mobilization stuff … while it’s going to be a while and it’s going to be a big blow to us, the way the guys have played so far, we may have a totally different need come July 31 than adding a piece in the infield.

Q: Likelihood you will add an infielder?
A: I don’t know.

Q: Charlie Manuel said the other day in Pittsburgh he thought he is more concerned about the pitching than the infield, even without Utley and Polanco.
A: I’m always more concerned about the pitching. That never ever stops. Again, at the end of the day our team offensively should be able to handle the loss of a couple of these guys. It’s difficult, but with the talent that we have offensively we should be able to absorb that. But you can never have enough pitching, especially when you’re trying to contend.

Q: So are you kicking yourself now knowing that you had that pitching in Cliff Lee in December? You had to figure you would need pitching at this point, right?
A: If we had Cliff Lee we wouldn’t have Roy Halladay. It’s pretty simple.

Q: If you couldn’t have Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, but still can get pitching help right now, why were those two things mutually exclusive?
A: Time and circumstance dictates some of the things you can and cannot do.

Q: What do you mean?
A: We just felt like we were in a position to be able to hold one guy and not to hold the other guy. We had to put ourselves in a position not to leave our club and our organization with the cupboard bare. By moving all of this talent from our organization it just made it very difficult to continue doing business long term.

Q: Do you have enough in the cupboard now to get somebody that could make a difference
A: I think we do.

Q: So then wouldn’t your cupboard be bare again?
A: It depends on the deal I can make.

Q: If you have limited resources, do you think you have to use them on pitching or an infielder?
A: For me it would be pitching because we know we’re going to get our infielders back.

Q: Would you consider moving somebody from the 25-man roster?
A: Yes.

Q: Is that because you consider all options?
A: Correct.

Q: Last year it sounded like less of a possibility.
A: Well, obviously I don’t want to weaken my club, but if I have to weaken one area to strengthen another I might do that.

Q: Domonic Brown has only been in Triple-A for 12 games, but has played very well. Could you see him helping you this season?
A: Could he help us? Possibly. But again it’s only been 12 games. You said it yourself. But he’s making a good impression. The players dictate their progress. He’s dictating it.

Q: Have you seen any improvement from Raul Ibanez? His power numbers still aren’t there.
A: His power numbers aren’t there, but he’s getting some hits. It’s about production. The same goes for Ryan (Howard). He’s hitting .290. He’s still producing. Part of the reason we’re not scoring a whole ton of runs is we didn’t have Jimmy (Rollins) at the top of our lineup. Shane (Victorino) had some success at the top part of our lineup, but then he got cold for a while. If you don’t have guys on base in front of you, you’re not going to have the production that you need. I’m glad Jimmy’s back. Obviously he’s helped us. I’m looking forward to getting Polanco and Jimmy atop the lineup because that’s going to help us win games. When Jimmy scores runs we win games. That’s a product of having our big boys have a chance to drive them in.

Q: Would entertain a deal that involved Brown?
A: I’m not going to get into those discussions.

Q: Reports you’re feeling out Jayson Werth‘s value on the market. Would you move him?
A: I don’t talk about rumors. I don’t talk about players, and I don’t talk about rumors.

Q: Where is Brown short right now in terms of being ready?
A: Experience. Playing at a higher level.

Q: Would he be over his head here?
A: You don’t know that until he’s here. I don’t know. I don’t think so. I don’t think he’d be over his head, but being over your head and being a productive major league player are two different things.

Q: Could you add payroll?
A: Yes.


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No trades until some of the big names (aka big contracts) can show they will show up sometime this year. Rollins, Vic, Howard, and Werth have been absolutely horrible – Ibanez not much better, but better lately. Maybe Manuel is right about Werth – thinking too much about the looming payday (that is shrinking with every drop of his average) – the bad play has extended to base running (boner play at third last night when should’ve scored on wild pitch and misplayed fly ball in Cincy that ended up being difference).

thumpbump, how can you say Howard has been ‘absolutely horrible’? He’s the only guy doing anything.

I’m saying Howard isn’t putting up the power numbers – he’s turned into a singles hitter these days (just like they were saying during today’s broadcast). Teams don’t pay singles hitters 20 million a year. I do agree that he’s a bright spot – in terms of overall hitting – but where is the power and clutch hitting?

Clutch hit tonight by Howard. It’s not his fault that Werthless and Francisco left him to die on third.

Clutch hit tonight by Howard. It’s not his fault that Werthless and Francisco left him to die on third.

could Rube trade himself for a GM?? Serriously, I’m glad to see he’s not panicing, but he needs to make a move for an inf already

I was saying this before the season began and everyone was laughing at me. I’ll say it now and see your reactions: Trade Werth for a infielder + releif pitcher + prospect and bring up Dom Brown to play RF. Since we won’t be able to sign him anyway we should address our needs now and not wait for the two draft picks we’d get for him after the season. (And I love Werth)

f.i.j.: What makes you think you could get 3 players for Werth? Teams aren’t in the habit of giving away good relievers and infielders for an outfielder. Besides, you’d be trading a starting outfielder for an infielder that is going to play for maybe 6 weeks (until Polly comes back). You either need to get more for him or sign him, but you can’t give him away for some short-term need.

Mule: Because of the reasons you said, I think 3 players for Werth is reasonable. We’d be looking for a good relief pitcher (not necessarily a closer) a super utility guy who can fill in while Utley is out, and a mid level prospect who may turn into something. An example would be Jason Berken (RHP), Wigginton, and a prospect (don’t ask me to know Baltimore’s farm system as well, please). Again, we’re giving a top 5 tool player, who could become the franchise player for years to come, if they resign him for 2 mid level players and a prospect. We just happen to need these type of players this year and ASAP

werth is best right outfielder in major league. it would be foolish to let him go. as for mistakes it is a long season.

1st of all i would like to say charley manuel is a great manager.
i would like to write a lineup here for today. just for idea and opening minds sake.

the way i see the game go yesterday i would change lineup to go this way. maybe get one more run so we did not have to go extra innings.

Schneider if he is not hurt. bring someone in if he is.

pitching was good, maybe if u can leave lidge in a little longer.

f.i.j.: You’re not going to get Berken from the O’s or any of their “5-tool prospects.” They’ll give you their aging junk, and you might be able to pry Guthrie from them for the right player(s), but not their kids. They’re stocking young talent, and don’t need a right fielder as long as Markakis is there, and he’s signed for a while. He’s younger than Werth, too.
You completely ignored my point about trading a starter to fill a short-term need. Find another solution.

To a certain extent, trade talk is kind of a waste of energy. This team has the pieces any team would need to be a winner. They’ve proven it already. They need to prove it again and again however if they expect to continue that trend. You can’t call trade every time a slump comes around.

Problem with trying to get a reliever is the same as it is year, after year. Every team needs pitching. I agree, with Ruben, that we have the offense we need. Problem is….They need to step it up! I was at the game last night. No change in lineup would have helped, in scoring runs. Three hits in 11 innings. And one of the hits was in the 1st. And one in the 10th. (or 11th. I forget) Pathetic! And unless Ruben gets an infielder NOW, it’s not going to make a whole lot of difference. We need Chase, Polly, and Chooch back!!!!


Why doesn’t the RSS feed work for your blog on Google Chrome? Any thoughts?


I was just thinking…..
It’s no news that the Philllies need some more productive infield help until Utley recovers from his injury, but after reading Rueben Amaro’s comment having some room for added payroll, I’m wondering if they have explored the idea of obtaining Mike Lowell from Boston? I see he’s off the DL now, I wonder if he’s healthy enough to play and be productive ? I know the Phillies have been intersested in him in the past, and he could play third base now and move Polanco to second base until Utley gets back. Then after that he’d be a nice addition/upgrade as a right handed bat off the bench. The Red Sox have been trying to unload him ever since they acquired Adrian Beltre, I can’t imagine the asking price for Lowell would be out of the Phillies realm of possibility after reading that comment. I was just thinking….

I like Lowell’s bat, but his gold glove days are long behind him. Polanco has been a revelation at third base and that is where he should stay. If you noticed, Kendrick and Hamels are taking Halladay’s lead and pitching much more to contact, and getting a lot of ground balls. You need the best defense you can get out there and Wilson Valdez paired with Rollins is the best middle infield pairing in the NL right now. Polanco makes all the plays at third (0 errors to date) and I’ll take the stellar defense in a pennant race.

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