The Werth Market

Thumbnail image for werth 0624 2010.jpgIt sounds like Cliff Lee is headed to the Yankees.

Update: Nope, nope. He’s headed to the Heat. Wait … nope, uh, yes, he’s headed to the Rangers. Yes, it’s official. He’s definitely headed to the Rangers.

It sounds like Jayson Werth is not.

There have been reports today the Yankees, who might move a starter upon finalizing the Lee trade, would send Javier Vazquez to the Phillies for Werth. Sources said this afternoon that Werth-for-Vazquez is not happening.

Update: Lee going to the Rangers does not change the fact the Phillies would not trade Werth to the Yankees for Vazquez.

Make sense.

It would take a much better deal to move Werth. Werth and Vazquez are free agents after the season. If the Phillies trade Werth — and the Phillies are exploring the trade market for Werth — they will want Major League-ready talent they can control beyond 2010. Vazquez is not that.

If the Phillies trade Werth — Ruben Amaro Jr. said this week he is willing to trade somebody from his 25-man roster to strengthen another area on his roster– it certainly would be to a team in the postseason hunt that needs a bat. That would be teams like the Yankees, Rays, Red Sox, etc. That means Werth for Roy Oswalt or Dan Haren makes little sense. I mean, it might make sense to the Phillies. But why would the Astros or Diamondbacks (or any other team out of contention with a stud starting pitcher) want Werth, knowing he likely will be gone in a couple months? If the Astros or Diamondbacks trade Oswalt or Haren, they also will be looking for young talent they can control beyond this season.

Thumbnail image for GBUPhillies_Final.jpgI’m not sure the Phillies trade Werth, but they have their reasons for looking into it. First, they must feel Werth will be difficult to resign. If they feel they can’t resign him, they would rather get Major League-ready talent than two top draft picks for him, which they would receive as compensation if he signed elsewhere. Why not just keep him and get two top picks next June? Because Major League talent could help them this season and beyond. Draft picks can’t help them in the immediate future. They also are much more hit or miss than players who already have proven themselves at the Minor League-level. For every Cole Hamels, Chase Utley and Kyle Drabek, there are many more players like Anthony Hewitt, Greg Golson, Timothy Moss and Reggie Taylor.

Trading Werth will be tough. He is the only right-handed power bat in the lineup, which can’t be replaced. Could the Phillies handle that loss?

And it’s not like the Phillies are dead in the water. They might be 5 1/2 games behind the Braves in the NL East, but they are just 2 1/2 games behind the NL Wild Card leaders. And they should have almost everybody healthy other than Utley before the end of the month. Things could turn around quickly.


The Phillies wanted Lee, but the asking price of Domonic Brown proved too much. 


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Lee to the Yankees? Really? Why?????

See you at the Pig Fest…I will have my book with me! :O)
Norma – better the Yanks than the Mets. That is a slightly happier way to look at it I suppose. Still, not fun either way.

That idiot GM of ours could have KEPT Lee if he wanted him so bad. Amaro has NO patience! He gave up on contract negotiations with Lee while Lee thought they were “playing the negotiation game.” He signed Ibanez for WAAAAAY more than he should have paid him in a bad market in 2009 (probably could have signed him for half that much if he waited a month or 2). He gave up Lee for 3 garbage players because he was so excited about getting Halladay, he didn’t wanna test the market for Lee.

The only thing he’s being patient about is leaving the MLB-ready Dominic Brown in the minors.

Why were the Mariners insisting on Domonic Brown? Wouldn’t they accept the 3 stellar prospects they traded for Lee in the offseason?

I’m just glad the Rangers got Lee and not the Yanks. Can you just imagine the uproar among the fanbase if that had happened?

The Howard haters should know that he now leads the NL in RBI after that walkoff.
What a win.

WOW! Whata game. Must admit I turned off the game early to watch my DVR. Resumed watching it in the bottom of the 9th (good timing on my part!). I really didn’t think they had it in them considering the way the night was going. Very good win! Hopefully the momentum will continue through the weekend!

So glad Cliff Lee is not on a NY team (althought the Yankees were much easier to swallow than the Mutts would’ve been).

It’s only postponed the inevitable, karen. Lee will probably be a Yankee in 2011 and replace Pettite in their rotation. For about 15 million more a year than they’re paying Pettite, and he ain’t cheap.

Now, we can’t blame Ruben for how Aumont, Gillies and Ramirez have played. Agreed it was PROBABLY a better move to keep Cliff (if he wanted to stay) and still land Doc, but if the “Lee Three” wearin destroying in the minors we probably wouldn’t be AS pissed.

Lee to the Rangers. That’s why I never pay attention to trade rumors. Were the Rangers in any of the pre-trade stories? I didn’t hear it if they were. I’ll just read the news, thank you.

Meanwhile, the Rangers, a team near financial collapse and without an actual owner can trade for Lee, but the Phillies, with 6 owners and 80-straight sell-out’s can’t afford the guy. Something is wrong.

I must admit that Howard has shut me up the past couple games. I hope this is a sign of things to come from this offense. Blanton continues to struggle, but Madson was unhittable. Let’s hope the team comes up with some runs for Halladay today.

I don’t understand why the Phillies can’t get enough advertising revenue to help pay for Lee and Werth or whoever would help the team. As was previously mentioned, they have a long string of sellouts.

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