More Late Inning Heroics

rollins 0710 2010.jpgIt has been a few few nights at Citizens Bank Park, but I’m certain the Phillies are hoping today to sweep the Reds in regulation. It’s the All-Star break and some of these guys have places to go, people to see, flights to catch.

But whether or not the Phillies win today, it is a nice way for them to head into the break. They’re still 5 1/2 games behind the Braves in the NL East and 2 1/2 games behind the Rockies in the NL wild card race, but they’re staying close. Imagine if they had lost those three games to the Reds. They’d be 8 1/2 behind the Braves and 5 1/2 behind the Rockies, which means those Jayson Werth trade rumors really would start kicking up.

If the Phillies can get Placido Polanco back before the end of the month — he said the Cardinals series in St. Louis is a possibility — they could be in good position when Chase Utley returns with four of five weeks to play.


Another start, still no run support for Roy Halladay. Of the 54 qualifying pitchers in the National League, Halladay ranks 42nd in run support at 4.24 runs per game. He’s actually tied with Cole Hamels. Interestingly, Kyle Kendrick (6.24) and Jamie Moyer (5.85) rank sixth and 10th, respectively.

It could be worse for Halladay and Hamels. Ted Lilly ranks last in run support (2.41). Roy Oswalt (2.70) and Johan Santana (3.30) are 53rd and 50th respectively.


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It would be nice to score some runs but a win is a win. The Phillies have the best 1-2 in the NL when Hamels pitches like he can.
Get Oswalt and make it the best 1-2-3.

How funny (or strange) that Werth got robbed by another fan in the stands, only this one cost him a triple and may have cost the Phils a run. The TV didn’t say, but I hope that the “fan” in center field got tossed. Actually, I might have Tased him first, then tossed him out. Meanwhile, the other jerks in the stands were congratulating him. A whole section of schmoes.
As if an adult bringing a glove to a game wasn’t bad enough, he had to use it to interfere with a ball in play. You’re not on the team. Sit down and watch the game.

Anybody who thinks a phan should be thrown out of the ballpark for catching a ball is the schmoe. If he enters the field of play, fine because that is actually against the law. But catching a ball? Anybody on this board would instinctively do the same thing if a ball came right to them.

Even Steve Bartman became an easy scapegoat for the Cubs incompetence.

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