Forget About Pedro in 2010

martinez 0818.jpgIt has been almost exactly a year since the Phillies signed Pedro Martinez.

Don’t expect a 2010 reunion.

Ruben Amaro Jr. said before tonight’s All-Star Game that he spoke yesterday with Martinez’s agent, Fernando Cuza, in the lobby of their hotel in Anaheim. He asked Cuza what Martinez has been doing lately. Cuza told him that Martinez still has not thrown off a mound.

Cross Martinez off the Phillies’ list of potential pitching help for the second half.

Last season Martinez had been on the mound …

“A lot,” Amaro said. “From the WBC on. They’re different circumstances. He had thrown all the way up until now. He hasn’t gotten on a mound. Only Pedro could say when he’d be ready. I’m sure he knows, but I couldn’t tell you.”

Amaro would not say there is zero chance the Phillies bring back Martinez, but you only need to read between the lines to know he won’t be back.

The Phillies have a 3.92 ERA, which ranks sixth in the National League. That is a marked improvement from last season, when the Phillies ranked 14th with a 4.61 ERA at the break. Phillies starters this season have a 3.95 ERA, while Phillies starters last season had a 4.98 ERA at the break.

That does not mean the Phillies aren’t looking for pitching help. They are.

J.A. Happ could help at some point, but they also are looking for help outside the organization. The Phillies optioned Happ to the Triple-A Lehigh Valley earlier this month. He allowed six hits, three runs, three walks and struck out seven in five innings in his last start Saturday.

“He threw OK,” Amaro said. “He’s not quite the same pitcher as he was last year yet, but he’s getting close.”


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Raul is the odd man out. Dom Brown has done everything to show that he could help this team now. He would be an upgrade over Raul in every part of the game, which is why the Phils should attempt to cut old man Ibanez loose and still get a LITTLE something in return, at least any kind of decent reliever or starter. I’m sure a horrible offensive team in the hunt would take him, cause maybe just maybe some front office still thinks he could produce like he did in the first half last year.

killadelfia: When Amaro was asked about trading Ibanez and putting Brown in left, his answer was that Brown has never played left field, and he didn’t see it as a viable option. You’d be asking a rookie to change positions in the midst of a pennant race, and that isn’t fair either to the team or “Dom.”

As for forgetting about Pedro: OK. What is telling is that they seem to have soured on Happ. Otherwise, why would Amaro be looking for pitching help? Something isn’t right with Happ.

Forgt Happ, muleman. The first time that he really lets loose and tries to throw with his full velocity the pain will come back. It’s obvious he hasn’t done that yet if his fastball is topping out at 87-88.
And if Pedro hasn’t thrown off a mound to date, he’s not helping anyone this year.

phillies top-20 midseason prospects, maybe some of them can help…

I wasn’t sure if Happ is having some sophomore slump issues or just hasn’t quite healed to get his velocity & location back.

Sorry in a way that the “Old Goat” Pedro won’t be in the mix. I think they need to find some pitching help maybe more than another position player.

The Philly skeptic in me thinks that because the NL won the All-Star game, that it might doom the Fightins from getting to the WS this year since we’d have home field advantage for the 1st time.

karen: In a way, they got some pitching help when Madson came back. I was counting on Happ, but he seems to be a project at this point.
My gut is saying they’ll land Jeremy Guthrie from the O’s, although I have no rational reason why, other than that they lack the bait to land a bigger fish.
The “Philly Skeptic” in you has bigger real-life issues to get over, mainly the Braves, Rockies and some teams in the NL West that could make life difficult for a Phils wild card run, if they can’t overcome the NL East.
They didn’t have home field in 2008 either.

I guess that “Philly Skeptic” has been ingrained in many of us for far too long. Even after ’08 there is a residual grain lurking about…in listening to McCann’s MVP post-game interview my thought was it was Atlanta’s season. However, I love watching our Fightin’s and their assortment of come-from-behind team victory antics during the second half…why would this year be any different? They will fight till they win!

I wish to God somebody would tell me why Halladay, who pitched to only 4 batters in the all star game, is being bumped to the back end of the rotation to open the 2nd half of the year. This is beyond stupid—he is the ace of the staff, he last pitched last Saturdy. Since he throws between starts anyway, the is NO reason he cant
start the Cub opener thursday or at least pitch friday instead of stinkin’ Blanton. This cuts back on the number of starts he can make in the 2nd half and God know wh need him out there as much as humanly possible

Dear Karen—Jeremy Guthrie? LOL–They might as well bring back Eaton—Jeremy Guthrie? NO WAY will they trade for that bum. Not only won’t he help the rotation, he will kill it.

Wonder if Chase regrets not going to Anaheim. Yeah, he couldn’t play, but he could have still participated. To tell you the truth……I was a little surprised that he didn’t go, to *support the team*. Now he didn’t get to celebrate an NL win.

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