Oswalt Oswalt Oswalt Oswalt Oswalt

oswalt.jpgRuben Amaro Jr.
said this morning he does know who will be pitching Saturday against the Rockies.

Don’t bet on Roy Oswalt.

A deal for Oswalt is not close, and there are reports the Cardinals are involved. One report said Oswalt prefers not to pitch for a team with a “large and aggressive” media contingent. Oh. My. Lord. Really?! If that is true, that pretty much makes him the opposite of Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, who I’m pretty sure eat nails for breakfast.

But Oswalt has the power because he has a complete no-trade clause. Say both teams make comprable deals and agree to pick up Oswalt’s $16 million option in 2012. Say the Astros come up to Oswalt and say, “Honestly, we have two great offers. You can go to St. Louis or you can go to Philadelphia. Your choice.”

Would he pick the Phillies?

The Phillies are seven behind the Braves in the NL East and four behind the Reds in sixth place in the NL wild card. They have lost six of seven since the break. The offense has been flat. They have looked lifeless on the field. Everybody in the clubhouse has said there is something missing from this year’s team. The Phillies simply are not making a strong case for themselves if other teams are in the hunt. And remember Oswalt has the power. He can steer the Astros toward St. Louis (or anybody) by simply telling them, “You might be close with Philly, but I want to play for the Cardinals. Make it happen.” Now Houston can come back and say, “Philly has made us a much better offer. It’s Philly or nowhere.” But Oswalt can always stay in Houston if he wants. He has that choice. But if the Cardinals are serious that makes things much more difficult for Philadelphia.

Another question to ask: how much would Oswalt or Dan Haren or Ben Sheets help the Phillies? If the offense doesn’t get on track, it won’t matter much. Jimmy Rollins, Jayson Werth, Raul Ibanez and Shane Victorino need to get on track ASAP.


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How much you want to bet that he talked to Brett Myers about Philly and Brett told him all about WIP and the rest of the Philly media.

He can go to baseball heaven like Scott Rolen did. That worked well for him.

The Phils don’t need a “prima don “on the team for sure. What has worked for the Phils in the past is their teamanship and working cohesively. It would serve them well to get back into that frame of mind. I’ll keep on repeating this message until somebody catches on to it.Barb

Do I hear the “Fat Lady” singing in the background?

As Todd rightly points out, it’s certainly not starting pitching that’s failing the Phillies this year. Phillies starters have an ERA of 4.08, vs. 4.29 last year and 4.23 the year before. It’s obviously the offense, but with Utley due to come back in a month and Ibanez untradeable there’s not much to be done about it. They could try addition by subtraction by trading Werth and calling up Domonic Brown, but it’s a big stretch to think he’s going to be more productive and it further skews the line-up left-handed. If Werth could be traded for a solid starter or reliever it might make sense, but the teams that are trading pitching right now aren’t interested in renting Werth for 2 months. Nothing wrong with standing pat imo. Obviously trade for a starter if the price is right, especially if Moyer’s injury is serious, but don’t overpay in prospects or salary because starting pitching is not the problem with this team.

Am I the only one wondering what the @#%* the Cards are doing getting another ace??????

Also, why would the Astros trade Oswald to a division foe? None of this makes any sense to me +_+

Haren has been a perrenial Cy Young candidate year in/year out until this year. He’s scares me for that reason.

let houston keep oswald!

Sure, let them keep “Oswald.” What’s one more guy whose name we can’t spell or pronounce? Let’s keep losing just for spite.

fcr and Erich: We’re not discussing JFK’s killer here, but a pitcher named Oswalt

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