Roy, Oh Roy

oswalt 0730 2010.jpg

The good news is Roy Oswalt has about 11 more starts to make up for it.

The bad news is it helped cost the Phillies a game in the standings.

In terms of highly anticipated Phillies pitching debuts in the past 12 months, Oswalt offered the least impressive one last night at Nationals Park. He allowed seven hits, five runs, two walks and hit two batters in six innings as the Phillies snapped their eight-game winning streak in an 8-1 loss to fall 3 games behind the Braves in the NL East.

“I think the next start will be a little better tuned,” Oswalt said.

Cliff Lee allowed one run in a complete game against the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park on July 31, 2009. Pedro Martinez allowed three runs in five innings against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field on Aug. 12, 2009, his first start since 2008. Roy Halladay allowed one run in seven innings against the Nationals at Nationals Park on April 5.

(J.A. Happ allowed two hits in six scoreless innings in a victory over the Milwaukee Brewers in his Astros debut.)

Oswalt gets his second chance Thursday against the Marlins. He should be a bit more relaxed — Oswalt said he was too amped up — and more comfortable in his surroundings. We’ll see.


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I was very unhappy that the Phillies let Cliff Lee go. Amaro’s excuse was that he needed to replenish what he lost while acquiring Halladay. If you ask me, we lost a heck of a lot more if we had kept Lee. First of all, we’d still Happ. Everybody wanted this guy except Amaro who was constantly including him in trade packages. I think Lee is a much better pitcher than Oswalt. As a matter of fact, I’m concerned about Oswalt. He had two poor starts before he became a Phillie. I sure hope the Phillies checked him out before they traded for him. I hope his back isn’t a major concern. Ed Wade got the best out of this deal. The Astros now have two ex-Phillies on their major league roster. The Phillies might have a good pitcher with back problems. I sure hope I’m wrong. But the bottom line here is that we would have never needed Oswalt if we had Lee. We’d probably be in first if we had Lee from day one (after his stint on the DL). And most importantly, we’d still have Happ. If the Phillies don’t hit, it don’t matter who they have on the mound, they are going to lose. And if they can’t get someone to close games successfully, they will never win the World Series. It seems the Phillies love to make bad deals. I still can’t get over how we gave Maron Byrd away to the Mets a few years back.

ENOUGH! I am tired of hearing about Cliff Lee. He’s gone. Get over it.

Look at it this way. Essentially, in the past year, we traded:

Cliff Lee, JA Happ and 7 prospects

in return we received

Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, 3 prospects, and $17 million cash ($11 million with Oswalt, $6 million with Halladay)

Sounds good to me.

Also, think about how our rotation will look next year:

If we didn’t make these trades, we would have:
Kendrick ?

I’m convinced that we would not have resigned Lee. Otherwise, why would he make the trade? Even if we did resign Lee and you added him to the above rotation, our current rotation next year will still be better.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Amaro is doing the right things here.

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