Phillies Looking to Sweep Marlins

The Phillies have won 11 of 13 to move within two games of the Braves in the NL East after being seven back on July 22.

A few stats to chew on:

  • The Phillies are averaging 5.46 runs per game since July 21, which ranks second in the NL. Houston is first with 5.92 runs per game. Who knew J.A. Happ could hit, too?
  • The Phillies lead the league in batting (.300), on-base percentage (.372) and extra-base hits (47). They rank second in slugging pecentage (.460) and stolen bases (12).
  • They lead the league with a 2.74 ERA.
  • Raul Ibanez‘s 1.216 on-base-plus-slugging percentage is fifth in the league. He ranks fourth in the league with 12 RBIs.
  • Jayson Werth‘s 1.090 OPS is eighth.
  • Carlos Ruiz‘s 1.005 OPS is 14th. He is 12th with 10 RBIs.


Roy Oswalt gets his second shot in a Phillies uniform tonight. I would be things go better for him than in Washington.


The Phillies picked up Mike Sweeney in a trade yesterday with the Mariners for a player to be named later or cash. A low risk move for the Phillies. If Sweeney can give the Phillies two good weeks, it will pay off.


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And, I believe I’ve read that Sweeney has been on the DL twice this year and for back problems each time.

is this a “we screwed you in the CLiff Lee trade, so here’s an extra player” deal??
Assuming the stats are from July 21st, I’d like to know what our bench player’s stats for the time frame are as well. (Francisco, Schneider, Dobbs, Ransom, Veldez, and Gload). Bet they are hitting real well…they are the ones who have truly stepped up and gotten us through the injuries this year

f.i.j.: The Mariners had put Sweeney on waivers and the Phils put in a claim, prompting Seattle to pull him back and work out a deal. I doubt that there were any “make good’s.”

Picking up Sweeney has prompted some (in today’s Inquirer) to speculate that Howard will miss more than 2 weeks.
Charlie said that Sweeney is his regular first baseman, or at the very least platoon with Gload. We’ll see how that works out. He has only started 25 games at first since the end of 2005, and he’s coming off a rehab stint after being on the DL.
Should be interesting.

An old college buddy lives in Kansas City and he says that Sweeney is an adventure at first base.

Oswalt pitches great and again gets no run support (Phillies strand 10 through 7). Plus JRoll, of all people, doesn’t make a play on a ball he should have had and the bullpen gives up the lead.
Why is Dobbs still on this team?

Chooch is the man!!

Breaking out the brooms….sweep. Nice to see the Phils take advantage of the Marlins errors (and also getting a break on a foul ball that was really fair). Chooch is definitely the man!!

I hate to admit it, but the Phillies got lucky in this game. The fish should have won if Davidson had called Sanchez’s hit fair (and it was clearly a fair ball). ALso, hats off to Ramirez!! I’ve never seen **** make that kind of a play in LF before. WIth all that, I’ll take the win. 2 back and home we come!!!

stupid censor: That *** should read seen a Short Stop ( I used the a + ss and it censored it) make such a play in Left field before…

Luck is the residue of design.

phan: Sweeney came up through the Royals system as a catcher. I used to see him in Wilmington at A-ball. He was on the same team with Johnny Damon and Glendon Rusch. If he can still hit, he’ll be a nice addition off the bench – or to DH in a potential World Series.

I notice how we haven’t heard from our phantom Braves fan, who took great joy in taunting us. I checked in on their game against the Giants last night. A half-empty stadium. What a bunch of fraud fans down there. They didn’t sell tickets when the team was great, either.

Davidson obviously got the call wrong based on his explanation and he clearly didn’t see the ball land in fair territory in the outfield. But I have seen that replay now at least a dozen times and I am convinced that the first time the ball hit the ground it was outside the chalk. The second bounce was on the chalk, and the third was fair. It had some weird spin on it that made it cut toward the field of play, but I think it was foul right off the bat. That was my impression when it first happened, and that is what I see every time. If anybody has it Tevo’d and can slow it down, let us know.

I got foul ball rule wrong. It can go foul before the bag and come back into the field of play.

Ground balls that bound between home and first are not ruled fair or foul until the ball comes to a stop, is touched by a fielder, or goes past first or third base. The ball may zig-zag, back-and-forth, between fair and foul ground an unlimited number of times. The ruling of fair or foul is not made until the ball finally comes to a stop, or is touched, or goes past first or third base.

“I would be things go better for him than in Washington.” Hi Todd I love your blog but… “I would be” you use the grammar check next time.

cerambo, If you only post criticism in regard to grammar and not baseball related statements, do everyone a favor a go to the Mets site….

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