Chooch Is Swinging a Hot Bat

carlos ruiz.jpgCarlos Ruiz was hitting .267 with a .384 on-base percentage and a .364 slugging percentage on July 26. He has hit .439 (18-for-41) with six doubles, three home runs, 13 RBIs, a .452 on-base percentage and an .805 slugging percentage in nine games since.

Ruiz is hitting .298 with a .395 OBP and a .443 SLG this season, all of which are career bests. Ruiz has been a regular since 2006. He hit a career-high .259 in 2007. He set career-highs with a .355 OBP and .425 SLG last season.

If Ruiz had enough plate appearances to qualify, he would rank fifth in the National League in OBP and 13th in batting.


The ball was fair.


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Ha! The ball was fair… That’s an easy way to get out of describing the craziness of last night!

I believe that umpire DAVIDSON saw that the ball did not go over the bag[a few inches outside] ,and then landed in fair territory. That is a foul ball.The ball must be in fair territory up to the base. This did not happen. In his opinion, the ball did not cross the bag.

To say Carlos has a “Hot Bat” is an understatement. He is “The Man”.

The ball was FOUL!!! No matter, glad things are going the Phillies’ way.

I feel like the Marlins could do a much better job of arguing this call. If I were Jeffrey Loria, I would hire a physics professor from the University of Miami to prove that, based on the Newtonian laws of motion, it is physically impossible for the ball to have been foul. According to umpire Bob Davidson, the ball bounced fair before the third base bag, curved around the bag in foul territory, and then landed fair in shallow left field. That is one magic grounder.

(Nevertheless, PHILS ARE A SEASON-HIGH 12 GAMES OVER .500!!)

I am tired of hearing all the talk of “the ball was fair” on ESPN and everywhere else, they act like the Phils were given a gift. Well, for one, the Marlins can reflect back on the top of the 9th when sloppy defense by Ramirez and the bad decision to use their closer after throwing close to 40 pitches the previous night allowed the Phils to tie the game in the first place. Also, Chooch still had to pop that homer, the ump didn’t give them that! Let’s reflect on the whole season and there are plenty of bad calls that have gone against the Phils, that is the way the ball bounces sometimes.

The bottom line is, if the umpire says it is a foul ball, it is a foul ball.
Chooch should bat cleanup.

we finish this series against the Mutts in first place, where we belong!! BTW who cares if it was fair or foul, we won and that’s all that counts!

So did you guys pay off that ump or just threaten to break his knees? I guess tonite is when the Cinderella story starts to unravel. Tell Cole, I’m pretty sure the slipper doesn’t fit. It’s so sad that you guys came back and got so close before choking it down the stretch. No way this ridiculous lucky streak continues. Filly fans sorry but there is no prize for second place.

lets go phillies.

todays fun lineup:


billreef got caught with his pants down when the Phillies started eliminating the Braves 7 game lead. And now he thinks that the season ends on August 8th. I guess the casual baseball fans in Atlanta haven’t been informed that a MLB season is 162 games.

billreefer, stop smokin’ what you”re smokin’ People will think you’re an idiot when you aren’t high…

I wonder if billreef is watching the Braves implode against the Astros tonight. The ‘stros just scored four runs on a SINGLE! Hard to believe, Harry!

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