Bastardo to Help vs. Dodgers

The Phillies will recall left-hander Antonio Bastardo before tonight’s game against the Dodgers, a source said.

Not a surprise.

The Phillies optioned John Mayberry Jr. to Triple-A Lehigh Valley following Sunday’s game. He was optioned for a pitcher, and that really only left one choice. The Dodgers have left-handed hitting Andre Ethier and James Loney in the starting lineup, and there is a good chance the Phillies will need a lefty to face them at some point in the later innings. Right now their only option is J.C. Romero, and he has been struggling with his command. He has 22 walks in 24 1/3 innings this season, including six walks in his last 2 2/3 innings. His 8.1 walks per nine innings is the highest average of his career.


Roy Oswalt gives us a peek inside his world, and talks about possibly leaving baseball following 2011.

Before the Astros traded Oswalt to the Phillies, there were numerous reports Oswalt absolutely would not waive his no-trade clause unless the Phillies picked up his 2012 option. It turned out to be incorrect. In fact, the Phillies only added $1 million to Oswalt’s side of the buyout of the mutual option. Maybe that is because Oswalt truly believes he might not play after 2011, and he did not want to commit to 2012. Or maybe the Phillies said, either come to Philly without the 2012 option being picked up or remain in Houston. Either way, I think it’s interesting.


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I posted this in the last thread, but then Todd went and actually posted something, so:
WHat do we do with Dom Brown when Victorino returns. We all assumed that Mayberry would be sent down, however they just did that to recall Bastardo. For all the hoopla, Brown is hitting .211 or something with 11 K’s since arriving and can’t hit lefties it seems. DO we send him down allowing him to play every day or bench him (GLoad has emerged as a legit 4th OF this month) AS Mule would say:


Todd, you had a very informative interview with Oswalt posted on yesterday. It was an interesting read for sure. We’ll see wthat will happen with him after next season. As far as Brown is concerned, it was much hoopla about bringing him up so what will happen to him when Victorino returns. Werth will move back to RF I assume. I think that the Phils will probably send him down to play everyday and develope further for next season.

When they bring Bastardo up, that will be 13 pitchers. That is going to severely limit their bench going forward. When Victorino comes back, they will probably be looking to work something out with the Angels to keep Herndon and send him down. Either that, or Romero and/or Baez become expendable. I can’t imagine them going with 13 pitchers for very long.
I think Brown should go down and work on the holes in his swing in AAA. But he’s probably better than Dobbs at this point because Dobbs is a lousy position player and hasn’t hit with any consistency in two years. They have a lot of decisions to make in the next week.

phan: The only reason I can see them having 13 pitchers is that they don’t have an off-day from the 17th of August through the end of the month. Once rosters expand on the first they can make more adjustments. For now, the bench is a little tight.

Agreed, Dobbs is awful. I was surprised to hear Tom McCarthy on Sunday’s broadcast, after showing Dobbs’ horrible stats for the year say, “That’s so unlike Greg Dobbs.” I wondered, what team has he been watching? Dobbs hasn’t hit in 2 years.
But then, most of the dribble that comes out of McCarthy isn’t much better than that. Between him and Wheeler, sometimes the games are hard to watch. Somebody please tell Tom that it isn’t necessary to read every graphic that comes up on the screen. They’re on the screen so WE can read them. Make a comment or add to it, but it isn’t necessary to read it verbatim.

Chris specializes in making up his own conversations, supposedly telling us what the players are thinking or saying. He gets a kick out of himself making up his imginary dialogue and reading players’ thoughts.

muleman, I am sure you meant “drivel” meaning nonsense rather than “dribble” which in this context would be a small stream or dripping of saliva.

In Wheeler’s case it could be either Dribble or Drivel. Only think not coming out of his mouth is useful information in an enjoyable way….

Perhaps you did not forsee the lid popping off of the can of worms, muleman, at the mere mention of McCarthy’s name. LOL! Of course, no time was wasted cleaning up the drivel/dribble. Always an interesting topic — announcers — I’d like to hear who everyone’s favorites are around the league and on the networks and why. Who do you think does a good or even great job?

Daulton was in the booth with them for an inning on Sunday and he told Wheeler, ‘We always thought of you as one of the guys.” I got a good laugh about that because, yes, they treated Whitey and Harry as one of the guys, but they despised Wheeler and treated him accordingly.

what’s up with the posting WAY out of order? Seems like it’s getting worse instead of better. My post should be after pherris’ 4:03 post.

I have heard that there was friction between Kalas and Wheeler having to do with Wheeler exposing Kalas’es assignations while on the road. Is this the cause of players animosity toward Wheeler? The fear that Wheeler would expose the players as well? Be that as it may, after the revelation that Dykstra was juicing in ’93, I am glad it turned out the way it did. Who would have thunk it? Lenny Dykstra, a man ahead of his times.

The interesting thing about Kendrick is that you know every time he’s gonna $UCK simply by watching him pitch early in a game. The problem is that Charlie has to either accept the loss and keep him in the game or wear out the pen, which may be needed in a game the Phils have a chance to win…. tough choice… Why is consistancy so unobtainable for Kyle? How can he pitch like Roy Halladay one start and Roy Rogers the next one?

pherris: I’m sure you meant Kalas’ and not Kalas’es. Since we’re big on correct spelling around here.

Well if we are going to correct, we may as well to it right. It should be Kalas’s according to both the AP and Chicago schools of style. Almost counter intuitive.

pherris: There is more than one “right” way.

If the singular possessive is difficult or awkward to pronounce with an added sibilant, do not add an extra s; these exceptions are supported by The Guardian, Emory University’s writing center, and The American Heritage Book of English Usage. Such sources permit possessive singulars like these: Socrates’ later suggestion; James’s house, or James’ house, depending on which pronunciation is intended.

and now back to our regularly scheduled ball game…….

pherrisphain and muleman, you guys provide plenty of entertainment when it’s lacking here :o)

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