Victorino Up, Bastardo Down, Gload Day-to-Day

If you saw Ross Gload pull up lame running to second base in the sixth inning last night you figured he absolutely had blown out his right groin and was headed to the DL.

But the Phillies announced today Gload is day-to-day.

They also announced they have activated Shane Victorino from the DL and optioned lefty Antonio Bastardo.


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I posted way back when the Phils were 8 games behind the Braves that Chipper and Troy Glaus were going to keep getting injured or have a huge drop in their offensive stats… Now that Chipper is out for the season I kind of feel guilty for posting that.

nice game oswalt pitched last night. i heard lidge did good also.

go phillies.

Is Gload day-to-day the same way Hward was initially?

Feel badly for Chipper, too. Sad if he goes out this way.

Sorry, Howard. How is he, by the way?

johninla: Howard was taking ground balls in the infield before the game tonight.

And, in a more spiritual sense (than a baseball one) aren’t we all “day to day?”

How awesome was tonight!!! Congrats on your continued success in the Top MLBlogs standings! I enjoy all your work and enthusiasm. Enjoy the series with the Mets this weekend!


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