Utley Is A Miracle Man, Tuesday Return Likely

utley 0628 2010.jpgUPDATED 8:08 p.m. Saturday: If everything goes smoothly, Chase Utley will be back in the Phillies lineup Tuesday.

The Phillies announced this morning that Utley, who is recovering from surgery on his right thumb, will begin a rehab assignment tonight with Class A Clearwater. He will play five innings in the field.

He will play seven innings Sunday, nine innings in Game 1 of a doubleheader Sunday and nine innings as a DH in Game 2 of the doubleheader. He will be reevaluated then, but if he feels fine he should be back in the lineup Tuesday against the Giants.

Sources said yesterday that Utley, who had surgery July 1, is ahead of schedule and could rejoin the team as early as Tuesday against the San Francisco Giants at Citizens Bank Park. CBSSports.com first reported Utley told teammates he hoped to rejoin the team Tuesday.

Asked last night if Utley could play in a rehab game Saturday with Clearwater, Phillies assistant general manager Scott Proefrock said, “It depends how he feels.”

Utley felt fine after swinging a bat Friday in Clearwater, Fla.

Utley tore a ligament in his right thumb June 28 in Cincinnati. He had surgery three days later, and the Phillies estimated it would take him eight weeks to recover, which would have put him back in the lineup around Sept. 1. If Utley returns Tuesday, he would be returning roughly two weeks ahead of schedule.

Utley has been a quick healer in the past. He had hip surgery following the 2008 World Series championship. The Phillies estimated a four-to-six month recovery period, which meant he might not have been back until late May 2009.

Utley was playing in Spring Training games in March and was in the 2009 Opening Day lineup.

Tuesday is realistic because Utley has not needed many games in the past to get ready following an injury. When he missed a month with a broken right hand in 2007, he went 1-for-10 in three rehab games before rejoining the Phillies. He hit .321 with seven doubles, two triples, five home runs, 21 RBIs and a .916 on-base-plus-slugging percentage in 32 games to finish the season.

Clearwater plays at home at Bright House Field on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. If Utley needs just three games again, he could play with the Threshers and return to Philadelphia on Tuesday.


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Come home Chase!!! Valdez has been doing a decent job in defense, but we need you.

P.S. not surprised even a little bit.

I really will be glad to see Utley get back in your lineup, I don’t want you guys to have a crying towel about all of your injuries at the end of the season. Even though we lost Chipper and one of our most consistent starters, Medlen. We will play you guys heads up to the wire. We have such a great bench we really don’t miss a beat when someone goes down. And did you catch Hudson on Baseball tonight, he is about to break Maddux’s Cy Young season record of 5 straight starts with 1 run or less. Tim Hudson for Cy Young, thank you very much.

take ur time ut we need u to be healthy.

atlanta pew!
did u know we are playing new york?

todays fun lineup!
big changes.


hey what u xpect. its a fun lineup.

This does not surprise me in the least. Utley has great mindset and discipline . I will be so excited to see him play on Tuesday. I’m going to that game.

Crying? The only crying the Phillies will do is the elation over winning their 4th straight NL East title. Your bench? What a hoot. Forget the bench, the Braves starters are MLB residue. How about the Brave starters not being able to pull away from the Phillies bench? Besides Hudson, please name one Brave starter who can pitch beyond 5 innings on a consistent basis. The Braves BP is going to be worn into the ground. What is up with Billy “The Whiner” Wagner’s 7 blown saves?

Post-season invoices are going out, and Major League baseball is doing its annual raping of the fans. Division series tix are $55, NLCS tix are $95 and World Series tickets are $155. And those aren’t even the “good” seats. Invoices for partial season ticket holders are going out this week. Start shopping at the dollar store and bagging your lunch.

Here are some pictures from Chase’s Rehab game with the Threshers. He didn’t look comfortable during his first two at bats, but looked better during his third.


Crying ? Lmaoo off at delusional braves fan. And in a race for Cy Young between Hudson and Halladay, I’ll take ” Doc” everytime. Hey hudson is Good but NOT in Halladay’s class. As for Medlen? Who is he to even be considered that much of a loss? The Braves are struggling to Hang on. Get real, Braves fan.

Cy Young Award for Hudson? I don’t think so. This year, the Cy will probably go to whomever pitches his team to the post-season, and right now, that looks like Halladay. Right now, I’d say the Cy Young Award looks like Ubaldo Jimenez’s to lose.

Is Miller on ESPN a sycophant or what? Of all his drivel, however, I must admit he did have an interesting one last night. The Phillies, Cards and Giants are the only three MLB teams whose top three starters all have ERAs under 3.50.

I know I’ve been critical of Kendrick, but I have to give him credit for last night. He didn’t have it early and could have easily gone into his regular routine and quit. But he battled with it until he found his stuff and was pretty dominant from the third inning on. It was the Mets of course, but still, I was impressed. If he keeps that stuff up, along with the big three, we could roll in September.
I liked the way they scored last night with small ball. Rollins had Pelfrey’s delivery all figured out and took advantage.

Comparison of Kendrick’s first four years to Halladay’s first four years is quite surprising.

A shout out to JA Happ. Yesterday he pitched 6 innings and allowed to 2 runs. He is now 3-1 for the season and 2-1 for the Astros.

Hmm, yeah quite surprising.
Unless you consider that Halladay pitched 335 innings vs. Kendrick’s 440, and struck out 235 hitters vs. Kendrick’s 69. Sure, they had similar ERAs and WHIP numbers, but Halladay had more dynamic numbers in fewer innings. You can’t make any “first four years” comparisons until Kendrick has pitched another 9 and has established himself as one of the game’s dominant right-handed pitchers.
Never mind that in Halladay’s fifth season he was 19-7, and in his sixth season he won a Cy Young Award. Anyone see that in the cards for Kyle? Anyone?

Sorry–Kendrick’s 201 strikeouts in his first 4 years. Can’t edit these things.

High Cheese projected the pitching match-up for the upcoming series against Houston: Myers vs Hamels, Happ vs Kendrick. Could be fun!

How about K-Rod needing season ending surgery as a result of his “run-in” with his father-in-law? Serves him right.

Makes a lot of sense to me that you can’t make four year comparisons until Kendrick has finished this, his fourth season. But you can’t make a four year comparison because Kendrick hasn’ t put in 9 more years? Doh!

Yeah, I was just thinking the other day that Kyle Kendrick reminds me of Roy Halladay.
The only reason their overall numbers from the four years are remotely close is because of Halladay’s lost year in 2000. He was sent down to the minors to start 2001 and rebuilt his delivery. The big difference is that his starting point and his stuff was far above what Kendrick has to work with. Kendrick will always have to battle to stay in the rotation. Kendrick will never come close to leading the league in innings pitched, WHIP or SO/BB ratio. I’ll admit I was pretty harsh on the kid for quitting (which he did multiple times this year), but he really battled the other day. Maybe some of Roy’s moxie will rub off.

muleman, I think the Cy Young award will come down to Halladay, Jimenez, Hudson, Wainwright and Carpenter. I think Wainwright got screwed last year and might get some extra votes as a result. Lincecum had great cyber numbers but there is something to be said for winning the most games in this age of the pitch count. Halladay and Wainwright are having the better years if you exclude W-L as part of the equation, which the voters apparently did last season with Lincecum.

In honor of the treeeeemendous Aubrey Huff-Pat Burrell article, we need more Pat Burrell stories, Todd. Pronto!

phan52 ….What about Kendricks lost year in 2009? Ironically, it was also Kendrick’s third year just as 2oo1 was Halladay’s third year. Kendrick was sent down to work on a third pitch. Kendrick is 32-19 and still has the opportunity to increase his wins. Halladay was 18-17 over his first four years. There are no “dynamic stats” from Halladay’s first four years indicating he would be what he is today, that is just smoke and mirrors. What is really interesting is that Kyle has an even chance of exceeding Halladay’s 6 year total of 59 wins. Rather than suggesting that Kendrick is comparable to Halladay, it does show that Kendrick is a lot better than for what he has received credit.

pherris, Halladay was a high first round draft pick who had, as they say, ‘stuff’. The Jays ALWAYS had the hope that he would be a top of the rotation guy. Kendrick is a middling talent level guy trying to find his way. Halladay was on a mediocre team that never gave him any run support and, outside of the lost year he had in 2000, he has always had solid measurables like IP, WHIP and SO/BB ratios. Kyle never had the kind of measurables that Halladay has and W-L are not meaningful measurables. Ask Hamels about that this year. In 2007 alone Kyle got 6.67 runs per game started.
And BTW, Halladay’s first six years are 1999-2004 because he only appeared in two games in 1998, so his first four years record is really 38-24, without counting the one win he had in 1998. Those six years include a 19 and a 20 win season, 2 All-Star games and a Cy Young award. Methinks you are setting the standards a little high for our friend KK. He’s a nice 4-5 starter at this point.

phan52…….Of course Halladay has always had solid numbers. Who is disputing that? But why this undying need to slice and dice his stats to refute my simple assertion that Kendrick had better stats his first four years? Kendrick has had more wins, a better winning percentage, a lower ERA, a lower WHIP, more IPs. But, I know, I know, Halladay’s first year doesn’t count and another year is lost. The same could be said of Kendricks third year on both counts. I am confused as to what your point is: to build Halladay up or to tear Kendrick down?

Maybe it’s apples and oranges you guys are comparing……

pherris, Halladay made TWO appearances in 1998 as a September callup. That does not count as a ‘year’ by any measurement. And if you think W-L or winning percentage is an indication of a pitcher’s performance, we may as well stop this discussion right now. If Hamels had the run support that Kendrick and Moyer have gotten this year he would have won 15 games by now and Halladay would be approaching 20. They’ve scored almost twice as many runs for Kendrick as they have for Hamels. W-L is as much a team stat as anything else.

pherris: OK, so why did YOU make the 4-year comparison? Kettle.

phan52 …..Halladay pitched 14 or 15 innings in 1998 and Kendrick pitched only 26 or so innings in 2007. So if we throw out each of those years we arrive at essentially the same point using three year comparisons rather than four. It seems you subscribe to the ” if you can’t dazzle them with brillance, then baffle them with b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t” school of philosophy.

muleman…..why did I make the four year comparison? How about curiosity? How about because of the venom, vitriol and vituperation leveled at Kendrick whenever one of his near masterpieces is followed by an implosion his next outting? How about because Kendrick only has major league experience for four years? It is sort of inane to compare Kendrick’s four year career to Halladay’s 13 year career. Wouldn’t you agree?

While I’m not quite sure why you 2 are arguing this point, let me remind you of this: Two teams are in the same hypothetical division. One has a .300 ave, averages 5 runs per game and has a team era of 3.00
the other has a .280 ave, averages 4.2 runs per game and a team era of 4.00 who is the better team?

answer: the one with the most wins. Same for pitchers. THe final object of the game is to win, not put up great personal, or team stats. Just remember that always. It’s why certain player (J-roll, for example) are more valuable then their stats suggest and others (Aberu) are easily gotten rid of despite their stats

pherris, Kyke Kendrick started 20 games in 2007. If you want to have a cogent conversation, stop making things up and look them up.

…baffling with b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t, indeed…

So f-i-j, according to your logic, Kendrick and Moyer have pitched better than Hamels this year because they have more wins. Got it.

I don’t drink, but I am considering taking it up.

phan52 ….So Kendrick started 20 games in 2007, so what? He started two games in 2009, the same amount Halladay started in 1999. The four year figures therefor even out. What is your problem other than not liking to get your a-s-s whupped. I’ll drop the booze bottle as soon as you drop your crack pipe.

Phan: I’m not saying that at all. I am saying that winning counts for something as well. I dont think it’s just bad luck that causes Hamels to get such lousy support from the offense every start, or only luck that gives KK such great run support. Don’t ask me what it is because I don’t know that either.

What I am saying is while you two morons argue about whether KK or Doc had the better first 4 years, don’t forget that the only object of the game is to win. THis isn’t fantasy but real Base ball

fij Speaking of morons, why don’t you look at the stats and give your opinion?

You guys are getting out of hand. Who needs Braves and Mets trolls here when phellow phans do a good job of insulting and provoking each other? ;o(

To paraphrase Henry Blake in M*A*S*H, “Pherris, you incredible nincompoop.” You bring up a 4-year comparison between Halladay and Kendrick, then say it’s inane to do so. Sit down and stop drinking for a while, and the world will make sense to you.

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