Halladay for Cy Young?

Thumbnail image for halladay 0529 2010.jpgRoy Halladay threw seven scoreless innings last night in a 1-0 victory over the Nationals.

(Sure, the Phillies save all their runs for Halladay, but not Cole Hamels.)

Where does Halladay stack up in the National League Cy Young race? He is 16-8 with a 2.16 ERA. He ranks third in the league in wins and ERA. He ranks first in shutouts (three), complete games (eight), innings (200), strikeout-to-walk ratio (7.20) and perfect games (one).

Other top NL Cy Young candidates include:

  • Ubaldo Jimenez: 17-3, 2.59 ERA
  • Adam Wainwright: 17-7, 2.06 ERA
  • Josh Johnson: 11-5, 2.27 ERA
  • Tim Hudson: 14-5, 2.15 ERA

It’s a tough call. If Halladay had better run support he already would have more than 20 wins — although I’m not a believer that win-loss record indicates how strong a pitcher is. (Case in point: Hamels, who is 7-10). But the entire group I listed is pretty tightly packed, which means the next six weeks could determine it.


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As we know (or I hope we do) the Cy Young Award is actually the Most Valuable Pitcher Award. It says so on the trophy. Since that is the case, you couldn’t logically give it to Johnson, since the Marlin haven’t been a factor since Memorial Day.
The battle should go down to Jiminez, Hudson, Wainwright and Halladay; depending on whose team makes the best run over this last month-plus. I’ll wait and see what happens over the month of September before I make my decision.

I could also go on a little rant about pitchers getting MVP Award votes, but that isn’t relevant now. Sportswriters who vote for pitchers in MVP balloting should have their voting privileges revoked.

I believe it is Wainright, Halladay, Jimenez/Hudson. I believe that Halladay’s sample size in terms of innings pitched and complete games is significantly higher than those of Jimenez and Hudson to overcome any superiority those two might have in some other stat. Wainright is a different story. He has not pitched as many inning as Halladay (about 25 less) however the stats indicate that Wainright’s quality is better across the board.

I agree with pherris. Or more likely, whichever rational person has hijacked his account.

zach58 So you still have to get a dig in. You remind me of the little weakling on the playground who has to curry favor with the bullies. As far as bullies on this site, you are a wannabe seeking promotion. You know kind of like the baiter on the pier who wants to become a master-baiter. You have arrived and probably don’t even know it.

While Wainwrights era is Better, its approx 5 innings of shutout baseball better (.10 better). Hallday has hit 200 Innings in 25 Starts, Waino has 176 Innings logged in 25 starts. That is the eqiuvelant of 2and 2/3rds more FULL GAMES Pitched in same # of starts, pretty incredible actually. So I will take the .10diff in ERA w a 24 more inningslogged, think of how many mistakes a pitcher cld make in 2 and 2/3rds games. Halladay has saved our weak bullpen every fifth day for the entire season, if he was a 6 inning pitcher, like Hudson ( Hudson actually is a 6.5 guy) think of how many more games Baez could have appeared in.Not good. Anyhow, now that Doc is within 1 or 2 games of league leaders in wins and it finishes like that, how could anyone award the CY Young to any pitcher besides Doc, Wainwright will finish w 230 Innings and Do willbe in 260-275 Range, thats even more of a margain, while Jiminez started at 15-1, the MLB Season is two halves and he is notlonger in contention. Its Halladay and Wainwrights RACE, may the best man win ( Doc )…

After looking at all the significant numbers, it is pretty obvious that it comes down to Halladay and Wainwright. If they both continue to pitch to their numbers down the stretch it may come down to who most helped his team make the postseason and if they can win a division. The Phillies have four consecutive Thursdays off in September, which should allow Manuel to give Halladay extra starts and skip Kendrick and/or Blanton a few times. He hasn’t done that in the past very much but this is a pennant race and it could give Halladay and the Phillies an edge.
Right now my biased vote goes to the Phillies horse.

phan52 is probably right that it comes down to Halladay or wainright. And if both of their teams win their respective divisions , it probably comes down to ERA and/or a popularity contest. And with baseball writers, who knows. But frankly I DOUBT that Charlie will rig the rotation on Off days to give Halladay more starts. The MORE important thing is to WIN the division for the Phillies ( as opposed to winning the Cy Young award for Halladay) and to that end , Charlie should have figured out a way to rig the rotation to have Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt pitch the last 3 games in Atlanta.

Dof: He did, see Dave’s article a few days ago in the Iggy

dolfanman, when I say “it could give Halladay and the Phillies an edge”, I mean for the division. That is the only reason to do it.
If you noticed, I also said, “The MORE important thing is to WIN the division for the Phillies ( as opposed to winning the Cy Young award for Halladay)”. If they try to give Halladay more starts it would be to that end.

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