Gene Simmons Impression Distracted Werth

gene_simmons_kiss.jpgJayson Werth
sent Brett Myers a text message late last night following the Phillies’ 3-2 loss to the Astros:

“I was laughing at you as I got picked off. Thanks.”

Werth got picked off second base in the sixth inning just seconds after Myers intentionally walked Carlos Ruiz. Astros catcher Humberto Quintero fired a missile to second baseman Angel Sanchez, who applied the tag. So what the heck happened on the play? Well, a couple things. But certainly the most interesting thing is that just before Myers threw ball four to Ruiz, he looked back at Werth out of the stretch and stuck out his tongue a la Kiss’ Gene Simmons.

(Forgive me, but that is one of the funniest things I’ve heard while covering the Phillies over the last eight years.)

“That’s what put me on my heels,” Werth said. “But the big reason it happened was, while I still had a field of vision, Brett was in my direct line of the catcher and (Quintero) threw the ball. It was Brett, (Quintero) and Chooch, all in the same periphery. So I didn’t see anything. I did remember saying, ‘What’s that?’ and see the ball at the pitcher’s mound. I was dead at that point.

“The whole time I was thinking, after he threw the first pitch, if he doesn’t pay attention here I could probably steal third. I’m still thinking like that before that (fourth) pitch then he looks at me and … I was smiling as the ball was on its way. So between that and the little smokescreen where I got shielded on — and that was the main reason — it was terrible.”

Myers almost felt bad about the Simmons distraction.

“He’s one of my favorite players over there,” he said about Werth. “He keeps everybody loose.”

So does Myers, and it paid off last night.


Astors manager Brad Mills said Quintero’s throw surprised him, too.

“Caught me completely off guard,” he said. “If I would have been the base runner I would have been out, too.”



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Excuses, excuses. I won’t miss Wolfman when he’s gone. Meanwhile, why bother doing any journalism when all you have to do is read Twitter updates or read text messages? Why bother to talk to the media when all they have to do is read your Facebook or Twitter accounts? Are they 15 years old? I hear that Werth snubbed the media post-game last night. Apparently, he had no trouble texting his old buddy about his stupid face. He’s in a pennant race, if he hasn’t noticed.

Mule man is awesome. Why bother with actual articles when all you need to do is read the comments for a giggle.

Why the hell don’t u calm down there mule man..??? and btw, Werth is my favorite player. He has contributed alot to this u need to take some downers.

Werth has the baseball IQ of a tee-baller.

I’m not sure how this is funny – at least the Phils know how to distract him next year when he is playing for a different team. Hopefully, Dom is hanging around Raul and not Werth.

while I, too, like werh, i don’t think it’s fair to insult t-ballers by comparing his baseball IQ to theirs. Please give these little plaers a bit more credit

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